Doo dee doo!

Trenn walked calmly out of the train station with a yawn, and looked around for the Navi shop. Spotting it quickly, he walked over to a bench by the entrance and sat down. "Hey Soundman..." he spoke, looking towards the small holographic navi on his shoulder, "How about I let you choose what you want to buy this time?"

Soundman perked up at this. "That could be nice." Trenn smiled. "Go ahead inside, then. You're linked up to the PET, and the building in there should have holographic displays so you won't lose integrity. Just buy whatever it is you think we should get."

Soundman nodded, clear hair smacking his face just above his eyes, and floated straight off of Trenn's shoulder and through the door, out of sight. Trenn chuckled. It was good to have him back...
Soundman's hologram reappeared in front of a grinning Trenn with a loud humming sound, prompting the operator to chuckle, then speak. "So, did you have fun making your first purchase by yourself?"

Soundman nodded. "Yes. It was enjoyable."

Trenn gave off a snort, smiling. "Just don't enjoy it too much, or you'll end up like my mom. Whenever we go shopping... man! She takes forever. Always tells me to stop rushing. Either way, go ahead and shut down so I can work on those new upgrades you just bought, eh?"

Soundman nodded, closing his eyes, and the hologram fizzled out of existence once more.
Hours later, towards dusk, Trenn wiped a bit of sweat from his brow with a relieved, almost proud sigh, his work upgrading Soundman completed. He punched in one of the most memorable key strings he had taken the time to learn on his holographic keyboard; the string to close the sig editor and activate the navi being edited.

A large 'PROCESSING' pop-up appeared annoyingly close to Trenn's face, and he dragged it away with a finger, peering down at the sleeping form of Soundman that the pop-up had blocked. A serene, proud smile creeped it's way across Trenn's face. That was his warrior in there. And yet, his friend. But most importantly to Trenn... his son.

It was good to be a programmer.

Soundman's eyes opened, and the musical navi yawned, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. "So, Trenn, how did the upgrades go?" Soundman asked, going over the changes to his code as it was accessed.

"It went well, I think. Took me a few hours, but these things do." Trenn replied, scratching his chin. "Want to go into the 'net to try 'em out?"

Soundman nodded and then spoke, smiling. "Sure!"

Trenn looked around for a moment, searching for a Jack-In hub, then realized where, exactly, he was sitting. He chuckled to himself, and then pressed the large, glowing, holographic 'jack in' button on his keyboard, releasing Soundman into the 'net.
((This takes place after the Great Net War.))

"Soundman, are you alright?" Trenn asked worriedly, running a rapid frenzy of diagnostics on Soundman after he had returned to the PET.

The navi in question however, canceled half of them with a wave of his hand and a chuckle. "I'm fine, Trenn. It looks like the network pulled us out when it rebooted, or recovered... or whatever it was that it did."

"Us?" Trenn asked.

"Me and Runeknight, Trenn." Soundman replied matter-of-factly.

"Oh, right." There was an awkward moment of silence after Trenn said this... which was broken by Wiz flying headlong into Soundman inside the PET. "That was great! Awesome! Wonderful! DELICIOUS!" Wiz said entirely too quickly for Soundman to comprehend, "You did good out there, brother!"

Soundman smiled instinctively at the name. "You think so?"

"I know so!" Wiz grinned back, giving Soundman another hug before Trenn interjected.

"He did better than good, Wiz. We've got an impressive haul of chips and zenny here." Trenn said appreciatively, looking the PET's inventory list over. "It's actually a good thing we're in Scilabs still-- I can just go straight to the upgrade shop. ...Unless you two are going to start making out or something?"

The two navis looked at Trenn for a moment, then at each other, and laughed as Trenn walked towards the shop.
Trenn walked away from the navi shop tiredly, and headed towards the Metroline. He had the upgrade he was wanting, now, so all he needed was chips...

...Among other things.