The automatic doors to SciLab slid open as Mill walked in, holding a manilla folder under his arm. Scanning the expansive lobby, Mill found the reception desk in the center and walked up to it. A scruffy-looking man was behind the counter, busy fiddling with something under his desk. This guy obviously wasn't going to notice Mill on his own, so Mill faked a cough, making the man jump up in suprise and bang his hand on the edge of the counter.

"Yeooow!" yelled the man, clutching his reddening hand. "Da--- Oh... Uh, hi there. Need something?" he asked, having come to the realization that someone was at the other end of the desk. Fantastic... A real winner. sighed Mill in his mind. Leaving that in the back of his head, Mill put on a smile and answered, "Yes, I was hoping you could tell me where Employee Services are..."

The man perked up at that, saying, "Really? I actually work in Employee Services. We're kinda understaffed today, so I'm filling in here. What can I do for ya?" Mill handed over the folder and told him, "I picked up a job application a few days ago, and I'm here to turn it in." The guy cracked open the folder and starting thumbing through the pages. "Lesse... Assistant in R&D? Yeah, we haven't been getting many interns in that department lately... Now, how about your credentials... Huh... 19, but not in college? That'll make things difficult, buddy."

Mill sighed, sticking his hands in is pockets. "I figured that would come up... Some family issues are keeping me out of college. My little sister lives with me, and I need a job to support her..." said Mill, playing the sympathy card like a pro. Feeling guilty, the man quickly turned the page and mumbled, "Uh... Sorry 'bout bringing that up. I'll try to put in a good word for ya, 'kay? Anyway..." he stressed, desperately trying to change the subject, "How are your programming skills?" He ran his finger down the page before stopping about 3/4ths of the way down, remarking, "You made your own Navi? Without college experience? That's pretty impressive. Mind if you show me?"

Mill pulled his hands out his pockets along with his PET, placing on the counter for the man to see. Leaning down and carefully eyeing Magna on the screen, he announced, "Not bad, buddy. Most first-time Navi designers just go with the standard humanoid archetype, but you managed a more customized machine type. This big guy's got a good body. How's the personality, though?" asked the guy, posing the question to Magna. Mill was a bit suprised to see him know what he was talking about; totally different from what Mill figured he was like before.

"IRRELEVANT QUESTION. PERSONALITY IS SUBJECTIVE, THEREFORE HAS NO BEARING IN THIS UNIT'S JUDGMENT." blurted Magna as a response. This made him laugh, "Ha ha ha! A little robotic, but that's a good wit! I like it! You've won me over, bu... Uh, what was your name again?" questioned the guy as he worked through the application, acting more like Mill's first impression of him. "Umm... Mill... Adiline? Funny name, but whatever. I'll turn this in for ya and put in a good word, 'kay? Name's Wallace, by the way." said Wallace, extending his hand out. Mill took it and they shook... right as a ballistic soda can flew right between them. Good thing that shake was on the down-swing. Both Mill and Wallace dove under their side of the counter as more cans began flying by, with Mill yelling, "What the hell was that?!" Everyone else in the lobby began reaching for cover behind walls, under couches, or whatever else would protect them.

"Damn it, the vending machine was hacked again!" yelled Wallace, covering his head with his hands. "What?!" yelled Mill even louder, the rapid-fire beverage dispenser making quite a lot of noise. "You know the branch college around here?!" Wallace shouted, "one of the frats there have this rite of passage for new members of hacking that vending machine! This happens a lot!" 3 more cans wooshed over Wallace's head, crashing into the wall on the other side of the lobby. Just how full can that thing be, anyway?!

"OPERATOR!" roared Magna, but not so loud for Wallace to hear. "CALCULATIONS SHOW THAT OPERATOR REPAIRING THE ASSAILANT MACHINE WILL INCREASE THE RATE OF HIRING BY APPROXIMATELY 17%!" Mill nodded, pointing his PET towards the machine and saying, "Good! I'll definitely get the job if I can stop this! Hurry and jack in, Magna!"

"ACKNOWLEDGED! PREPARING TO... CHECKING POP-CULTURE PHRASE.. 'LICK BOOT'!" Mill could only perform a hard facepalm in response as Magna warped into the vending machine.