Meeting of Fate

Leon hurried off the metro and into the labs. He looked about, unable to spot Majin.

"This stinks, too many people." Leon mumbled to himself. He thought for a moment, then remembered that he had a bit of extra money now. Maybe I'll hea over there... He began walking, only to stop and sit outside of it. No, he said to meet him here, so it'd be rude to go shopping and end up being late. It isn't his fault I'm blazing fast. "Hey, Celeste, jack in and look around for Junior. You should be able to tell it's him from his hair. Trust me."

Fine. Jacking in."

Celeste burst into blossoms and shot off into the net.

Now to wait for Majin.
Wes walked out of the shop, not really paying attention as he slotted chips into his PET. He sat down on a bench right outside without looking at his surroundings.
Leon took the lull between the battles to look around. He looked around for a second to no avail. He turned around and looked toward the shop again, thinking about entering and buying more upgrades, when he spotted Wes on a bench outside the shop. He walked toward the bench and sat down next to him.

"Fancy meeting you here," he said in the most sarcastic tone he could muster.
"Oh, its you." Wes said, "I'm surprised you actually came out here. Most people today just send their navis in through the netsquare and then use links to redirect them. That's what I normally do myself, actually.... So anyway, what exactly did you need help with? Celeste isn't doing too bad that I see."
"Well, Celeste isn't all that bad of a navi, but we don't have very many chips. With her not having a buster to attack with, things go downhill pretty fast after our supply runs out." He looked over the precious few chips he hadn't used this battle, looking rather unimpressed. "Anyways, I figured that since I've yet to talk with the successor to Wes much, I should try to get to know him a little better. The same with Junior, since I haven't seen him for a few years."
"Well that certainly was... unexpected." Wes commented, before getting up, "I'm heading to the navi shop. Then I'm just gonna do whatever, though Junior may want to think by himself a bit." Wes nodded farewell, then walked off into the shop.
Leon stood and stretched after Wes had left. [i]What a day... and it's not even that late... He picked up the chips that he had tossed all over and put them back into his pocket. "Well.... Let's go home. I need to dump Celeste's data into my PC so I can quarantine her and have the programs monitor her. Maybe I'll be able to reverse the effects one day soon..."

He looked into the PET, Miyu looking rather down about what had happened. "Don't worry... You didn't know. You only did what you were ordered to." Seemingly unphased by his comments, Miyu kept staring off into space. Oh well. To the apartment at any rate.

He finished brushing off the last chip and stuck it in his pocket as he began to head for the metro to Electown.