Enter, Uncle Monty

Anthony came out of the store, and sat down at one of the benches. "Um, Anthony, can you jack me into internet city?" She asked, and Anthony responded with a yes and jacked her in. It was then that he took out his cell phone, and started to punch in the numbers of someone he knows.
"Anthony, can I have Daisy back now." Said a voice from behind Anthony. He slowly turned around to see This guy standing behind him holding... Anthony's PET with the screen facing Anthony. "Un-uncle Monty? Why are you here?" Anthony asked, his face showing confusion. "Lets see... bumped into you on my way to pick up something in the colossium, found out I had the wrong navi... And that there was a fork in my back... No, I have no idea how it got there... Checked on line for stuff, found out about this mission thing... And then I started searching Scilabs for you figuring that fellow somehow guessed who your navi was correctly in that topic so I could get my navi back and return yours." Monty said, looking Anthony in the eyes. Anthony closed the cell up, and put it into his pocket. "But... her netop is related to the Winnicot family-"Anthony was saying, before Monty cut him off. "I told her about your father, and of the Winnicot beliefs and that stuff... And if you even remember the fact that me and him have the same first name... Take a guess at what probably happened." Monty said, chuckling some at the though of it.

After about 10 more minents of talking, Anthony stood up, and they exchanged PETs, and Anthony gave Monty his leftover Zenny, the pickpocket and recover10 chip. Because Daisy was the one that won them from her fights... After that, Anthony handed him the chip with the quill in it, asking Monty to "Hand that to Jericho for me... He'll probably have fun trying to figure it out" And then he walked away from the area. Monty looked at the quill some, and then pockets it while chuckling some. Then, he heard something Meow... and his back shot straight up, his face now nervous... He slowly started to walk away...

Is he afraid of cats or something?
He slowly walked back, looking around for any sign of what meowed earlier. When he did not see it, he sat down on one of the benches and sighed. "Gees, stupid cats..." He muddered under his breath, as he looked at the PET, and inputted several passwords into it to get to where he can at least see the recordings on it."...Time to check up on what all happened to you I guess..." he said, as he started to watch it.
"Interesting... that Gorgus fellow might cause problems later on... well, at least that contest ended with a happy ending." Virgil commented, after watching part of the recording... "Well, since my guess is that when I got Daisy back, she was on her way to dinner or something... Well, guess I'll do some shopping till they get done." He said, chuckling at the end. It seems like he was fine with what had happened. He got up, stopped playing the recording, and started to walk away....going into a sort of run when some sort of meowing could be heard.