Anthony just arvied at Scilabs, and went to one of the benched outside. Really, he was here to buy something when he got the zenny for it, and since he almost has enough, he is going to wait outside till his Navi gets the rest. Anthony was about to jack in his Navi, when he looked at the screen and saw he wasn't there. Anthony was somewhat confused by this. Did he jack in without me knowing? Is he hiding somewhere in the PET where I can't see him? Those thoughts came into his mind, when he saw a program that let him see into the net, from a point of view similar to his Navi's. He deiced to click it, and see where his Navi was. Boy was he going to be shocked when he found out what Navi belongs in the PET he has.
Anthony put the PET beside him, and took out a cell phone. He dialed in a few numbers and got into a conversation that most could not hear. In a few minetes he ended it with a "Thanks uncle" and hung it up. It was after that he picked up the PET and headed to the Navi shop for a bit.
Anthony got back to the Bench, and sat back down. He pulled out the PET, and looked at it. He already contacted his uncle to look at who in his mother's side of the family had white hair and was named 'Virgil'. Frankly, the only person he knew that fit that was his father, who should be dead. This looking over the PET was to see if he could guess where it might have came from, seeing that some of the nations had a different style for then, and even some organizations as well. From what he could tell, it was at least from Sharo, and probably had something to do with the military. He wondered if there was any personal information on it, like a agenda or an address book. But the moment he tried, it was password locked. But it wasn't just that... the whole thing was password protected.

He could ask Daisy if she knew the password... wait... Great, it just dawned on him he could have asked for the information he needed from Daisy. But for now, she had that 'contest' to do. Maybe he could help her with it... right now Soulman Junior's netop is probably still asleep, and he could easily claim that knowing how to use the chips can classifies as Navi skill. Well, he brought a speed.... Mine as well let Daisy borrow it so it won't go to waste.
Anthony said stuff into his PET, after franticly for a while. Then he got up, and walked off somewhere, probably for that mission group that was meeting somewhere in Scilabs.