The hunt is on.

Shin got off the metro form Yoka to SciLabs. He found a public jack and reconnected his PET to his navi.
Anti spent the entire trip on the Metro worrying about her logged-in Navi, and occasionally glancing down at the empty screen of her PET.

When she stepped out of the streamlined Metro car, she hurried off towards the big block of buildings that made up the central laborotories. However, instead of trying to worm her way into the labs, she swung around the outer perimeter, searching for something in particular.

There was a big open paved square that was lined with synthetic but highly realistic trees. There was a big jack-in pillar with multiple ports in the middle, and a few people were engaged with it. Anti hurriedly jacked back in, and sat down on a bench, looking around. With any luck, some of of the other Operators would be present as well.
"Hmm... he's running away." Shin observed. "Chase after him Shuilong!"
"Didn't you say that already?" his navi replied, still chasing after the perpetrator.
"Yeah, well just checking." Shin replied sheepishly.
Anti's head snapped up at the name "Shuilong". It had been uttered by some Asian guy all in black, perhaps a year or two older than her, with sunglasses across his eyes. She hauled herself up from the bench and threaded her way through the other people jacked in towards him.

"Hey," she greeted, taking another glance up and down. "You're Shuilong's Operator? I'm Raiden's. Anti Connell."
"Oh, well yes I am." Shin replied. "Nice to meet you Anti, I'm Fujiwara Shin. You can just call me Shin though." He then looked at his PET screen. "Looks like the battle's starting, I'll take out the ElecOgre. Got any Fire chips? Use that to attack the Boomers please." He then focused on operating his navi.
Aida immediatley rushed off the metro and entered scilabs. "O-Oh no! I-I didnt think a b-battle would c-come this fast! I....I need t-to find a port!"

Her eyes spotted a huge jack-in pillar with two people around it. She imemdiatley rushed towards it.

"U-Umm I-Im sorry....I h-hope Im n-not butting in." She apologised as she jacked in beside the two.
"It's fine..." Shin commented as he slotted-in some chips to Shuilong. "You're part of the battle too?" he asked.
Aida gave a nod. "Y-you're in the b-battle too?"
"Yeah, I'm the guy operating the navi that looks like a blue dragon." Shin replied. "Name's Fujiwara Shin, your's?"
"A-Aida....Aida Ambridge." She softly replied, "I am the n-netop of Capuch-chin...."
"I see... Well glad to have you on the... team? Aida." Shin said.
Anti looked over at the newcomer. Was this who was operating the monkey? She didn't seem to have any of Capuchin's spirit at all. Anti doubted whether she could stand up for herself in any kind of peril, or even no peril at all.

"Anti," Raiden hinted, "it would be advisable that--"

"All right, fine," she grumbled back. Anti was beginning to get a hang of how Raiden worked while he was running around in the SciLab network. She turned to Aida again.

"I'm Anti, Raiden's Operator. Let's get this done soon and take those chips back to where they belong."
Aida gave a nodd and a soft reply "R....Ri-right...."
"Head back to the Netsquare." Shin said.
"Well gotta go. See you guys around soon." Shin said, and with that, he ran off to Yumland.
Shin had gone, but Aida still remained. Anti's PET found its way back into her coat pocket at record speed, and she graced Aida with a nod before she turned and headed off at a quick step, various things going through her mind.

"Goodbye, Aida," Raiden called from her pocket, his voice monotone again.
Aida took her PET an dgave a sigh. "I s-suppose I should go too." She then made her way onto the metro and back home in ACDC.