Planeswalking time!?

Anthony seems to rush into one of the rooms for the test... The bottom of his pantlegs were wet... He jacks in Edgar and sits near one of the vents, hoping to use the air blowing from it to dry them off.
It has been awhile after he finished drying off his pants, and he was sitting on one of the benches in the room. While Edgar was in Yoka, he was doing some other stuff, looking at the BBS in internet city, doing some trades. But when he looked at a new announcement in the test reg BBS, about it being canceled and his money refunded, he was a bit annoyed that he rushed over here for it, and did not even get to do any in it. Anthony was about to leave the place, when a chill went up his back. He had a feeling something he would not like was going to happen... and so on that note he Said "Edgar, Jack out" into his PET, and left the area.