Alexander yawned as he woke up, the boy looking less-than-enthused about being awake at the current moment. Seeming to remember something, he reached over to his desk, fishing around on the top of it for a moment before a thermos greeted his hand. With a small sound of what sounded like thanks to some otherworldly power, he undid the top and began to let the coffee splash down his throat.


A full thermos of coffee later, the boy felt wired and ready to go. "Vigil. You awake?"

"Awake and ready to go, darling, the woman's voice came up from the device, and Alexander nodded.

"How are the new upgrades treating you. You get any chance to destroy some viruses last night?"

There was a sound from the PET that sounded like a huff of dissatisfaction. "Of course not. You would expect me to battle without my NetOP? For shame, Alexander. For shame."

Alexander exhaled, pinching the bridge of his nose. Thankfully, it was a weekend, and as such, he needn't really worry about doing too much at the moment. He'd have homework to do later, but that was later. Right now, he needed to make sure what Vigil had installed in her was going to work. "Fine, fine. I'll take you on a test drive. Probably nothing too dangerous, in case things don't quite work out."

"Are you taking me to the phone system again?" The woman's voice sounded a little...bored, at that. He supposed that made sense, really. The last time that they'd been there nothing of any real excitement had happened. "I would much prefer to bust viruses with Asymptote, you know."

"I asked Joseph earlier, and they're busy on some kind of expedition. He said he'd pass me the details later on. Anyway, no. But I'd rather not get into anything too rough, so we're going to stick to ACDC." He moved the PET to plug into his computer, then, and Vigil gave a small laugh.

"I see, I see. I suppose that would be doable, yes. I'd be interested to see what happens there."

"Good. All right, Vigil. Jack in. Head to the ACDC Net."

As Vigil spoke, giving some lewd comment that Alexander cut off immediately, he paused as he noted an email to his private server, one that Vigil didn't have access to. The mail client had left the mail just outside and Alexander had the mail programs within retrieve it. It was from Travis and it was entitled 'So about Vigil...' He frowned...he didn't like this.


Changing Vigil's Active to Masterwork


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