"So, are you finally satisfied?"

"Yup. You should have a little data, at least the location, for all the jack-in points around the town by now."

"And it only took four hours, including when you forgot to actually record the points and had to start over."

"Come on, it's not like we have anything better to do."

"Hmph... you always say that..."

It had been a... time-consuming trip around ACDC Town, but indeed, the PET modification specially-made for Risa had done its job in tracking down jack-in points for possible later use. Many of them were, of course, in other people's residences, but that was fine; it even gave some idea how much access to the net some people had. Most of whom she didn't know, of course, but she could always find out. If she could be bothered to do such a thing.

Probably not, but oh well.

"So are we ready to move yet?"

"Sure are, Mr. Serious," Risa nodded cheerily. Again with that nickname... but nonetheless, she left Lancer to be exasperated before making her way to the nearest public point to jack-in, whipping out the cord attached to the PET and plugging it in a bit more forcefully than was strictly necessary.

"Time for you to head out, Lancer... jacking in now!"

(To ACDC Net)