Rosenqueen Estate

Mary was sitting at her desk, typing something on the computer. Once she was done with her typing... "Finally, just one assignment left!" Mary said, leaning back in her chair and stretching her arms behind her. She got back to an upright position, and went to some kind of web browser.

"Your last assignment is for that navi ish class, isn't it?" A voice said, originating from a black PET on Mary's desk.

"Er... Yea... that Virus busting one..." She responded, pulling up the online assignment. "Alright, I have it here... Um... it looks like I have to do a busting run... and then write about it..." Mary picked up the PET, and looked right at the man in the screen. "Um... Lets try to get the first part done..."

"Very well." The man said, before being jacked into the computer.
"Well, that's one hurdle down"
A girl said, sitting at a deck with a computer setup. In the room, on the other side, was a bed. The other sides of the room have a dresser and closet on one wall, and the other a window outside and some bookcases. The room looked to have been kept tidy, expect for the computer area Liliana was sitting at. On the floor next to the desk seemed to be boxes and binders filled with that appeared to be cards, with small stacks of them on the desk itself, with papers with numbers and words written on them littered on the desk as well. There also seemed to be some stuff animals in a corner of the room as well.
All and all, it was just your typical bedroom... expect for the small squid girl that was floating around the room.

"So you just have the last trade to do then?" the squid asked, floating over to the girl's head, landing on top of it. "Any chance I can get on the network while that is getting taken care of Liliana?" she asked, her tentacles moving through Liliana's hair, even though they are unable to interact with each other.

"Yea, just this last trade, and sure, I can go on and jack you in... although that makes me wonder why you are in a rush, normally you are fine with waiting..." Liliana said, posting something on a message board. "...And are you trying to mess with my hair again Cala?"

"Well, it's just been so long since I last had to fight viruses on my own accord. So I'm just excited about it, is all." Cala said, before leaping off of Liliana's head and then floating on down to the table, turning around mid-float. "Annnd maybe I was trying to mess with your hair, what will you do about it if I did?" she asked Liliana, her arms behind her back, sleighing from side to side.

"Well, since you actually can't do anything to it, probably nothing." She responded, grabbing her PET and pointing it at the jack inport of the deck. "I will, however, go on and jack you in. Go to whatever network you think you will have the most fun in, I'm sure this trade will go through before you encounter anything." Liliana said, before the hologram of Cala vanished with her jacking the navi into the network.
Once Cala was safely back in her PET, Liliana started to pack all the chips back up and headed out for a bit.