Finny's Mansion

"Well? We're finally here, Cambi!" Finny screamed as soon as she entered through the front door. Her screams echoed throughout the giant, empty mansion, but the girl didn't seem to mind at all as she immediately began to drag her luggage that was set inside the house. "S-so, we're gonna be living here for now?" questioned Cambiare as he appeared as hologram on top of Finny's shoulder. "Yea, pretty much. This is dad's vacation house...but god knows why he wanted to make a vacation house in a middle of a small town like this."

Placed at the highest hill of ACDC, Finny's mansion was literally one of the best the town could offer. With the giant living room that offers great scenery of the whole town, it also has many different rooms accommodating many interests. A music room filled with various instruments, an entertainment room, small gym, home theater, the list goes on. However, Finny was only interested at living room and the music room, shortly laying down on the couch as soon as she organized her luggage. "...Hmm, I'm not complaining." Finny criticized after her long tour around the house.

"That's good. Then we should go ahead and c-call your father that you arrived here safely."

The moment Cambiare suggested calling her father, Finny's expression turned sour as she buried her head into the sofa. "Not now!" Cambiare was unusually reserved after seeing Finny disagree, crossing his arms as he tried to reason with his operator. "...I-I understand. Guess you're just too tired right now." Even though he wasn't 100% sure, Cambiare knew that Finny and her father had some conflict with one another, which was probably the sole reason why she decided to live alone, away from her father.

"...Urrgghh..." The navi had thought of one thing that could cheer Finny up, but this would be something that Cambiare wouldn't enjoy so much. "Finny?"

"What." the operator coldly responded.

"*Sigh*...H-how about we-we-we go Virus Busting?"

Finny immediately perked up from the sofa and snatched her PET up, raising it high above her head. "HA! I never thought you would ask!!" Her glum expression was wiped off clean as if she was never sulking in the first place, jumping out of the sofa and ran to the nearest net-port. "W-w-wh-what? Y-you were faking it??!?" Cambiare stuttered. "Pffft, of course! I'm away from dad and its time I live my life with fun!...Speaking of fun, I always wondered how that fancy NetVegas looked like!"

"N-no, what, I-I don't even, Hu-huh? You can't do this to m-me again Finn-!" Before Cambiare could even try to reason with Finny again, the navi was shot straight back into the treacherous net once more...

"Heh, how gullible...My caring, gullible, cowardly navi."

Cambiare returned back to his PET after a long day in the net, and the day had already passed into the late afternoon. The navi opted to sleep the moment he came back, not even uttering a single word of complaint as he was simply too tired to do so. Finny, on the other hand, laid down on her couch as she watched the setting sun from the living room window. "...Yawwwwwwnnn...I guess its getting late." Closing her eyes, Finny simply decided to sleep on the couch of her new house, not even bothering to move into her own personal room...But it wasn't long before her tiredness was instantly cured when a thought passed into her head.

Jumping out of the couch, she jogged towards the nearest phone she could find and began to punch in some number. "Geez, I forgot what time it is right now over there...Is he even awake right now?" Finny was impatient as she waited for the phone-line to connect, tapping her finger on the table nearby as she listened to the looping ringings. "...C'mon, c'mon...Oh! Sweet!" said Finny when the phone gave out a "click."

"Professor Griesinger, Hi! Yea, I kn...Professor, please, can you quiet down for a...No, I'm not going to dress up for you again!...That doesn't have to do with anything that I want to talk about toda-...Seriously? Why did that happen JUST as when I traveled to Electopia, argh! No, but seriously, please listen, professor."

After cutting the conversation short, Finny began to say what she wanted to say. "Cambi is having a bit of trouble. He's being pretty emo, more so than usual...No, no, I'm fine with his personality, why the heck did you think I wanted you to change it? Anyhow, I was wondering how much progress you made with the new Program Drive?...Need more data, so you want me to make Cambi fight more? S-sure, I'll see what I can do." She ended the call and looked out into the living room window once more, finding the sun had already set under the horizon as night began fall. Looking down at the PET, imagining Cambiare soundly sleeping inside, Finny had a gentle smile as she began to scratch her hair.

"...Tomorrow." leaving her navi to rest, the operator took off into her own room...


The very next day, Cambiare finally awoke from his slumber, appearing on top of the PET as a hologram as he began to stretch his back. "Yawwwnn...Good morning, Fin...ny?" Looking up from his point of view, Finny was already staring down at the navi with a devilish smile, something much more different than the the one she had last night. "W-w-what's up?." said Cambi as his nervousness began to pick up immediately. "Scilab, now!" The navi shook his head and his heads, trying to do everything he could to stop himself into going into another battle.

"I-I need breakfast!"

"Navis don't eat to energize!"

"I'm s-still hurt!"

"You were healed the moment you returned to the PET last night!"

"T-then, I need more sleep!"

"Navi's don't need sleep! Just because I let you do that last night doesn't mean you can do it forever!"

"Ah...Ahh...How about-"


Fed up with the pointless resistance from Cambiare, Finny took the PET and forcefully jacked the navi into the net...