Within the busy street of ACDC, a single cab stood out with its outstandingly colorful purple exterior. As it stopped to the street, all the passerby stopped to take a quick glance at the strange cab. The back door swung open and an orange haired girl jumped right out of the car, stretching both her arms up as she yelled out, "Hello, Electopia!!"

Everyone else stared at the girl with an awkward silence, but proceeded to return to their regular schedule. "A...ah...Finny! You just made yourself look like a weird person!" A gray navi appeared on top of Finny's shoulder as a hologram, swinging his arms up and down to stop the girl from going any further. "Pfft, like I care...Thanks for the ride, you can leave my stuff at the destination!" As soon as she shut the door, the purple cab drove off into the street, leaving Finny in the heart of ACDC town.

Finny didn't hesitate to start exploring the new town as she walked around without a care in the world. The navi, however, was nervously looking side to side before he began to whisper into his operator's ear. "Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, your fathe-"

"AARRGH! No, Cambiare! I took this opportunity to precisely get AWAY from him, you understand? I am going to enjoy this freedom and you're not gonna say anything to him, YOU UNDERSTAND THAT AS WELL?!" Finny's sudden outburst of complaints put her on the street-spotlight once more as everyone around her gave her funny looks before they walked away. Not even phased by something that should normally embarrass anyone else, Finny caught something on her eye and dashed towards it.

"Aha! An internet booth!" She stood before a large pole with groups of people hurdled around, handling their phones, laptops, and mostly PETs. After taking out a PET of her own, the hologram of Cambiare disappeared off her shoulder and reappeared up on the holo-screen from the PET. "W-what are you gonna do? You're seriously not going to..." With a devilish smile lit up, she slowly nodded her head as she pointed the PET towards the booth. "I'm curious how Electopian viruses fair...You don't mind, Cambiare?".

Without hearing a response, Finny sent the navi into the net with a press of a button...