Marius' Home

Marius' Home

A simple studio apartment on the 4th floor of the ACDC apartment complex. The walls are painted white with the curtains white as well. The floor is wooden and very slippery with the socks on. Marius doesn't have too many possessions in his home, he only has the simple necessities, such as a refrigerator with few ingredients, a double bed, single electric truthbrush, etc. Other than that, He has an office table set in the living room of the apartment set next to the windows. On the table is a PC, a PET charger, a graduation picture, and an old picture of Marius' childhood family. Truthfully, this isn't a great place to hang out; but this is all that Marius needs
Marius plunged himself into the bed as he needed a quick rest before he could continue on with his day. From today on, the house and Marius' life wasn't going to be the same ever since they came across Ignis. The once quite and peaceful house Marius and Voulge shared is now a completely ruined by the SP's egotistical personality. The tired operator let out a big sigh and checked on his PET. "Voulge...How are you keeping up?"


"You guys getting along there?", for his own sake, Marius hoped that Voulge did and manage to calm that thing down.


No use, guess Voulge was suffering the same thing as well...
"Hey! Voulge! You wanna fight?!"


"C'mon, you piece of junk! You think you're so all mighty and powerful because of that...piece of junk that you have!?"

"The Lance and I are one. And our strength is one."

"Woah! Some zen stuff...Alright, I'll fight with my eyes closed...AHA! GOTCHA! I never had any eyes! hahahahahahaha!"

Times passed on by when Marius dozed off to sleep and woke up from an hour nap. It was pleasant, an hour of sleep was like a heaven sent during his time as a Police officer back in BrightLand. However, Voulge knew that this really wasn't case since Marius always pushed himself over the limit of everyone else. He let out a big yawn and checked his schedule on the PET "Hrurrm...Lets see...Ah, First bracket tournament starts today!" Marius quickly got on his feet and started to dress in a fresh clothe and started to walk out the door. "I really wanted to see how good Electopian operator/navis are in a competition!"

Destination: Colosseum
The operator arrived into his apartment and didn't even bother taking off his shoes at the doorstep. He walked straight towards his Desk in the living room and plugged the PET into the Charger / Linker. Marius started to go through the message he received, and Voulge was doing something similar as well. Ignis, who was missing out on what Voulge and Marius saw, started to ask questions. "Hey, Marius and piece of junk, what's going on? We were having some good talk with those guys!". Both of them didn't bother responding to the loud SP. Angry, Ignis started to...spontaneously explode every two seconds, creating a very annoying environment for Marius and Voulge to work.

"*sigh*...Fine." With a few click, he revealed a scrambled message to the curious Ignis. It was a distress signal sent to through the Private BrightLand Police server. "As you heard from us before, Marius and I was kicked out the BLPD. But we just received this message.", Marius took his turn to explain it to Ignis. "Since we were kicked out, we would definitely out of the contact list...But! We need to decipher it and find out what it means." Ignis was confused, so the only thing he could was to stay quiet as the two continued their work

Few minutes later, they were able to decode a few part of the message. "...Backup...Hades...ambush...These are the only words we could clearly read. Everything else will take much longer to decipher.". Marius stretched his back on his office chair and started to think of what to do next. "...It looks like a few BrightLand Navis are in trouble...and Hades?...Hades, hades...hades...AH! Hades Isle Network!". Voulge turned his head to his operator, surprised by his random shouting. "Alright Voulge, access the Hades Isle Network with Ignis and investigate."

Voulge prepared his Lance and bowed to Marius, "Your Will shall be Done". With that, Voulge disappeared from the PET and into Hades Isle...With Ignis shortly following him, "Gah! It's finally time to fight with him?!"

Destination: Hades Isle
Marius quickly got up from his chair and started to pack everything needed for the tournament. His money, registration data, etc. It was a shame that he couldn't pinpoint where the unknown messages were coming from, but he was in a hurry. "Voulge! Find out the quickest route from here, to the Navi Shop, and to the Colosseum!". The navi calmly compiled what his operator requested and nodded. "Found it. At this rate, we'll make it just in time.", "Good! Now lets go!". He grabbed his PET, put his shoes on, and quickly followed the route provided by Voulge.

Destination: Navi Shop / ONB Tournament Entry
All this time as they traveled back from Netopia to Electopia, everyone except Ignis barely spoke a word as they felt too ashamed at themselves to face one another. Marius arrived back from the Netopian Tournament, letting out a sigh of relief as he came back to his comfy home. His loss at the tournament was very sudden and very unexpected, he just didn't want to think about it at all. So did Voulge.

Ignis, not being able tolerate the long silence, broke out a conversation. "Err...So...I told you we were going to lose, right?"



The lonely SP looked at both Marius and Voulge and continued his effort. "How about we just go for some virus busting? That might cheer both of you up?"



For Ignis, talking this nicely at both of them was at his limit and finally snapped. "YOU GUYS JUST SUCK. LADY LUCK SPAT ON YOU AND KARMA CHEWED THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. BUT WHAT HAPPENED, HAPPENED. NOW MAN UP!"

Marius and Voulge gave a short, surprised stare towards Ignis and returned to whatever they were doing without a care. However, Marius stopped and turned towards the PET's holographic projective of Ignis. "... How about a second SP?".


This also caught Voulge's attention as he joined in the little conversation. "I think that's a reasonable decision. More help I can get, stronger I can become."

"W-Wait up." Ignis started to stutter as he examined the (somewhat) excited faces of the one he tried to cheer up.

"I'll go ahead and request a mission from the BBS."

"You guys can't be serious right?" Now he starts to look nervous.

((Will finish later))
Marius returned to his apartment, tired from his trip to purchase the upgrades for Voulge and his personal needs. It was already late in the evening as he looked through the curtained window, radiating with the warm orange light. He turned to see his computer along with the PET connected and let out a big sigh, "...Guess he's still out." Voulge was literally knocked out from the last mission, exahusted and now resting quietly in the PET while his wounds was getting treated. Marius sat down on his computer chair and prepared few chips on the desk, loading them one by one into the computer. Multiple progression bar blinked up on the screen, loading the upgrades into Voulge, but the process of installing the 2nd SP took much longer than Marius though, so he decided to take care of his own buisness and leave Voulge alone...  

When the upgrade and installation was complete, Voulge awoke from the slight feeling of discomfort, grunting slightly as he stood on his feet. He looked to see that he returned from the Netfrica net into his PET and considerable amout of time as passed, seeing that the mourning sun was shining down on him. "..." Voulge looked down at his own hands, recognizing that his damages was fixed and his own chips and process upgrades was back to normal along with few additions. "HEY, TINHEAD!" Ignis was also back, along with an unfamiliar databody hovering besides him. "You slept for like...FOREVER! Looked like you were never gonna wake up! Also, this is Licht, your new whachamacallit." On closer inspection, Licht looked almost identical to Ignis with few notable differences. "Nice to meet you," greeted Voulge, but Licht only gave a small nod with both of its body and stayed silent.

An awkward silence was among the three, but it only made the talkative Ignis feel left out. Trying to get something moving, the lonely SP tried to spark up a coversation with Voulge. "Hey...What happened to you last time. You went completely berserk, even more than the time you fought me!" The navi's eyes widened as he remembered what happened in the battle before. "I don't...remember." Voulge was obviously hiding something to himself, but before Ignis could continue on, a familiar voice came along. "Seems like you're back to normal."

Marius, already dressed in his white suit, comfortably sat on the chair. "How are you feeling, Voulge?" The navi responded with a simple nod. "Good. Let's run through some coordination test with Licht. Log into the Hades Net.". Nodding once more, he prepared for the short journey.

"Your Will Be Done..."

Destination: Hades Net
*click click click click*

Marius was rapidly typing on his keyboard, sorting through windows after windows on his PC screen in a flash.

*click click click click*

Working with the bugfrag Voulge retrieved from the battles, the operator was determined to improve Licht into a more useful form.

*click click click click*

The screen was moving even faster and finally came to a stop with a single big "OK" button popped out at the center. With a small grin, he tapped the enter and finalized the upgrade.

"...Whew...There we go."

Marius took a sip out of the canned beverage next to him and released a relieving sigh. "With this, Licht's energy limit expanded nearly two-fold, so he can actually do something now." Voulge appeared as a holographic image on top of the table, sitting on the edge with his Lancea on his shoulder. "Much Appreciated" Taking another sip, the operator eyed the status screen of both Ignis and Licht and brought up a small smile. "With these two, I'm sure you're not gonna feel lonely anymore, isn't that right Voulge?" The navi only gave a small nod and looked up Marius, who changed his direction towards the curtained window. "And I thank you for that as well..."

In a flash, the two remembered the time when they first met each other. Marius was only week into the Guisarme Police Academy and learned that the way to becoming a NP was much tougher than he thought. On his first patrol through the net with the school's provided navi, he came across Voulge, heavily wounded and bloodied from head to toe. Though it would be the best option to send the unknown rogue navi into a shelter or put it down, Marius simply decided to adopt the navi as his own...From then on, Marius had little to no problem dealing with net problems with the help of his new navi and regained his confidence, later becoming one of the top graduates in the end.

Voulge nodded his head again and stood up, "Marius, I'll be heading to the Netfrica net...I suddenly want to push myself to the limit." Marius, taking yet another sip from the frosty can, waved his hands at the navi to say "Later." The navi bowed down to a near 90* and disappeared into the net.

Destination: Netfrica Rogue Net
With the slam of his door, Marius came back to his home after an exhausting trip around the town. Though this was a great time to stretch his legs after his busting, he couldn't help but to feel tired. As soon as he plugged his PET into the charger, he plunged straight towards the chair and began to roll around the living room. "...Is there anything I can help?" Voulge appeared as a holographic projection on top of the table, shifting eyes side to side to follow up with Maris. "Maybe you should work on your operating skill...So you can, you know, NOT KILL ME OFF!" Ignis and Licht appeared besides Voulge, completely recovered from their injuries from the previous battle. Ignis was already on his high spirit, while Licht was quiet as usual. "I don't wanna hear anything from you, Ignis...Last thing I want now is some headache..." He gave one more push om his chair and slid over to the kitchen, where he began to prepare for his meal.

The spearman looked around the worktable, finding nothing but empty cans of sodas and coffees along with cheap supermarket meals. Feeling a little concerned about his own operator, he turned towards Licht. "Search for some food recipe that's affordable, tasty, along with health benefits." Replying with a single nod, the SP disappeared. "What are you planning to do? Cook for him? Because, like, we can't." Voulge didn't even face Ignis as he responded to his question. "...I'll simply supply the needed ingredients for Marius and he can start cooking and eating appropriate meals from now on."

Licht came back with multiple pages from the net neatly set set in front of him. After sorting through all of them, there was a strange patter among them. Almost, if not all, heavily contained information about Yumland, whether is was their ingredients, cooking method, or recipe. Ignis looked at Voulge, almost with a smile on his face (If he had one) "We're going to Yumland?"

"We're going to Yumland"

"Damn, I can already smell the sweet smell of EVERYTHIG BUR-*Smack*...Oh fine, take out the only fun I'll ever have..."

Destination: Yumland Rogue Net
Marius came back to his apartment and headed towards his sofa face first. Crashing down, his PET fell out of his holster and found it self on the wooden floor. "..." Voulge appeared on top of the PET with the holographic projection, looking up at Marius with his same dull stare. "Whazzap with him?" said Ignis as him and Licht appeared beside the navi. "He's simply tired. Just let him rest for a bit." After saying so, Voulge forcefully shutdown the hologram in order to keep Ignis and Licht from causing a uproar.

"...I'm so hungry..."


Voulge was taking this time to lay down on the floor, despite the fact that he had other furniture he could've used. The navi constantly looked up into the looping background of his PET and constantly sighed once every few minutes. Ignis was annoyed by the silence and the irregular sighing, so annoyed that he tacked head-on against Voulge's head to stop his sighing. "You obviously have something in mind, asshole." said the SP as soon as he caught Voulge's attention. "...None of your concern."

He ignored his SP's approach and turned his body away, but he caught a glimpse of the small white storage unit on the corner. "Why are you looking at the refrigerator so intensely...You hungry or something?". Hungry wasn't what Voulge was feeling, but he remembered all the food he gathered till now has gone unused and still fresh. Voulge immediately stood up from the ground, unintentionally knocking Ignis down to the ground, and headed to the storage unit.

The enraged SP quickly got up and began his usual pouts at Voulge, who was already rummaging through the unit. "WHAT THE HELL, TINHEAD! DON'T GO BI-POLAR ON ME!" His whining didn't stop for a while, but Voulge was already so use to his SP's complaining that he simply ignored it while he finished his searching. "As soon as Marius is ready, I wish to head to the Rogue Yumland. A big feast would take my mind off things" As soon as he packed all the .FODs out of the storage unit and into his own, Voulge slipped his Avaria-Lancea onto his back and...waited for Marius.


Sometimes passed and Marius slipped into sleep, but Voulge was waiting until his operator got back up. Surprisingly, Voulge was feeling impatient as he quietly sat inside his PET while watching Ignis and Licht playing around. "...This is far enough." The navi shook his head and created a small message window in front, immediately typing down a message onto a BBS.......

Voulge was surprised by how quickly his thread received a reply and immediately gave a short response back to the anonymous navi. He swore he heard the name "Red_Riding_Hood.exe" before, but he wasn't concerned about it at all as he prepared himself.

Coincidentally, Marius awoke from his nap...grumbling as he was still hungry. "Waaterr..." He slowly got off the sofa and grabbed a cup of tab water and chugged it whole. "...Still hungry." He was partially awake by now, but his eyes was half open as he picked up the PET off the ground and placed it by his computer.

The navi was feeling enthusiastic as he appeared in front of Marius as a hologram, immediately asking him for a permission. "Marius, I apologize for the sudden requ-" The operator slammed his hand over his PET, disrupting the hologram image into a noisy fizzle and stopped Voulge from finishing his sentence. "...I don...*yawn*...I don't care. Just do whatever. Be back with some food."

He lifted his hands and slowly slid towards the kitchen while Voulge bowed towards his master in thanks and jacked into the Rogue Yumland network.

Destination: Yumland Rogue Net
Voulge returned back to his PET in a bright green flash, still in his chef uniform, aka RedCross. The navi looked around the vacant room and was curious of Ignis' location. "Marius, where did Ignis go?" The operator was spinning around the chair, blankly staring at the white ceiling and his mouth jutted open, "No clue, Mr. Sunshineface. And none of my concern since you jacked him out yourself. Finally took the initiative, eh?" said Marius as his slack jaw turned into a small smirk

The navi sighed and shook his head, pulling out the red handle kitchen knife from the front of the apron and deactivated the cross. His chef uniform combusted in flames for a brief moment and died off, revealing the usual armors and and garments, and the knife was also wrapped in a tower of flame to soon reveal the Avaria-Lancea.

"...Those this fit your taste, Marius?" The operator saw the change and clapped his hands in a sarcastic remark, "Aha! There's our lovable, silent Voulge who barely cracks a smile. It was actually creepy seeing you with a smile that big." Marius hopped out from his chair and plucked the PET off the charger and into his holster. "Alright, let's get some shopping done."

"But what of Ignis?" asked the navi as he still searched around.

"Probably pouting somewhere. I don't care." replied Marius as he fitted his shoes and walked out from his apartment...

Destination: Shopping
After his short trip around town, Marius returned to his apartment and went over to his computer table. Unpacking the wrapped upgrades one by one, he loaded the upgrades into his computer and allowed it to install into his PET. "...Geez, where did Ignis go?" Marius wondered as he leaned back on his chair, listening to the usual silence in his apartment.

The operator was alone for a brief moment as Voulge was being updated, but the silence was beginning to bother him for some odd reason. Compare to his days before when he lived in Creamland, this peace was making him restless. Rocking his chair back and forth for him to be distracted by the joints squeaking against one another, Marius started to reminisce his past as a police officer...



A thunderous voice boomed throughout the precinct along with the sound of broken glass. Everyone who heard the noise directed their attention at the source of the sound, only to get back at what they were doing before as this type of commotion became a regular. More shouting and other violent noises followed shortly.


A giant of a man with full gray hair and a mustache slammed his fist against his wooden desk, cracking a small splinter through out the center. He continuously directed his lecture at Marius, who was calmly sitting down at the other end of the table and quietly listened to everything. "With all due respect, commissioner. None of my actions from the day I began working as a police officer was never irrational."

Marius' reply seemed to tick the commissioner off even more as blood veins began to pop out from his forehead and his entire face turned bright red. "Not irrational? NOT IRRATIONAL?! THEN TELL ME ALL THOSE CIVILIAN CASUALTIES YOU MADE!!! For the love of god, Eirenikos, you're as famous as you're infamous of all those completely rational decisions you make! Did I tell you that the casualty count is almost reaching fifty?!!" the commissioner screamed as spits began to fly all over the place.

"I do not regret the actions I have made to apprehend the criminals, commissioner Clinton. I stopped them from causing further damage and harm to others and that is all that it should matter." replied Marius with a professional tone. The commissioner looked like he couldn't take any more of this and finally reached his pocket for a cigarette. He quickly lit it and took in one big puff of smoke into his lung, his once angered eyes turning into something distant.

"Marius...I've taught you back at Guisarme Academy and you're without a doubt the best. But your sense of justice is causing nothing but trouble." Blowing out a smoke, the commissioner lodged the cigarette between his lips and began rustling through the table drawers. "Take a look." said the man as he blew another thick smoke at Marius' face and slammed a file note on his desk.

While he coughed and his eyes began to water, Marius opened up the file and began reading into it. However, his eyes flared up and immediately closed the note shut, getting up from his chair and slammed both his hands against the desk. "I decline the offer." said Marius as his previous professional tone was replaced with a juvenile retort. Without waiting to hear what the commissioner had to say, Marius stormed out from the office and began to leave the department. The commissioner, still holding onto the file, chased him down and seized Marius by the arm, turning his body so it would face him.

"I'm sorry Marius, but you don't have a say in this. From here on out, you're officially laid off from the CLPD, and I expect you to book a flight to Electown in a week." He shoved the file against Marius and slowly walked back to his office, leaving the young officer speechless as he took another look into the folder, titled "NetPolice Recruit Request: Creamland Police Department List A-F"


"...-arius. Marius!"

Marius awoke from his daze and found that night time has already fallen. He lifted himself off the chair to find only the illuminating screen of the PET and the computer lighting up the room. Voulge's update was complete and found it surprising that Ignis was back, sitting at the corner of the PET while ignoring contact with his leader. " *Yawn*...Looks like Ignis is back...Where did he go?"

Voulge had a half-smile on his face as he stared over at his SP. "It looked like he tried to run away. But it's unfortunate that Support Programs can't go rogue when the navi is still functioning." Ignis began mumbling to himself, not even willing to give eye contacts at Voulge for what he's done.

"At least he's back. I was actually starting to get worried." said Marius as he quietly chuckled to himself. He then decided to go to sleep, but the dream he had before was beginning to make himself uneasy once more. Reaching for the bottom cabinet of the computer desk, he slid it open to reveal the very same folder the commissioner gave to him.

"..." Voulge recognized what his operator had on his hands and began to question Marius, "Are you ready, Marius?" asked Voulge with a bold voice. Marius opened the folder to find his name circled in a red pen among the list of other famous names, placing him under few police officers who were asked to transfer over to the NetPolice. He swallowed his anxiety and closed both the folder and his eyes, taking a big breath of air through his nose and exhaled through his mouth.

"...I am."

His crimson eyes was burning with determination and passion, ready to break away from his past and into the bright future ahead. Marius nodded his head and Voulge did the same, "I was sick of this civilian life anyways. Let's do this!" The operator took his PET and plugged Voulge into the network once more, pointing the destination to the center of the Internet City

"Your Will Be Done!"

Destination: Recruitment Kiosk
Marius was laying down on his bed with his arm over his eye, but didn't bother going to sleep. Just the fact that he was now a NetPolice meant that he could finally resume his life as a public servant, but he began to think back to the reason why he was kicked out from the police force from the first place. With so much in thought, Marius simply couldn't doze off and let out a sigh every minute or so.

"Marius..." Voulge appeared as a hologram. "It's time for the Neo-Shogunate Meeting." Even though Marius didn't even bother responding back, he got up and took the PET at his hand and walked up to his computer.

"Official or not, this will be our first act as a NetPolice now, Voulge." The operator stated as he took the seat on his chair. "Let's...Take it slow, yea?" The navi nodded back and prepared himself to go to the ACDC location, but Ignis and Licht appeared and intervened.

"WOAH, HOLD IT HOTSTUFF! Just because you're the LAW now, you're gonna ignore your precious friends to meet with hot chicks?!?!" said Ignis as he went up to Voulge's face only an inch away. "I'm not going on a date, it's a-" "AH! NO EXCUSE. I remember them Shoe-gun-ates! Especially when you left one 'helpless' girl without her top and panties and went on to beat the living shit out of her! God, that's fucking low man! And even lower to see her again face to face right now!"

Everyone was left silent, except Ignis, who was enjoying picking on Voulge and let out a muffled chuckle. Giving a swift whack against the flat end of the spear, Voulge sighed and began his transfer into the ACDC network. "Fine then. Come along, but don't make any ruckus." Both Ignis and Licht leaped in joy and moved closer to Voulge, beaming up into the sky as a red pillar of light swallowed them whole.

Marius, now alone for a brief moment as his navi transferred into the network let out a small smile on his face as he saw Voulge's interaction with Ignis and Licht. "I guess a navi like you can change as well...Hope the same applies to me."

Destination: ACDC
"I'm back."

As the apartment door slammed shut, Marius was back home with a bag full of upgrades for his Navi along with groceries. "Welcome home." Voulge appeared on top of the living room desk as a hologram, slowly bowing his head as a form of greeting.

"I got some upgrades for you...A whole lot of them, so it's gonna take a while for them to install." He laid down the groceries on his messy kitchen table and jumped onto the chair with a relieving sigh. "Thank you." There was no change in the navi's expression that truly showed his gratitude, but Marius shrugged as he unpacked each of the upgrades. "Did anything happen while I was gone? You and SplashLady still had enough energy to go on but you stopped." The operator was only answered by the navi's silence, but he shrugged as he began to insert the upgrades into the PET.

"Lets get it started."


Few hours past, Marius prepared a dinner of grilled chicken, salad, and rice pilaf for himself. He peeked at the PET across the kitchen, but the upgrade was still incomplete, leaving Marius alone...with some other company.

"Hey! Did you make enough for me?!"

Ignis and Licht appeared as a hologram, floating about on top of Marius' dinner. "Just kidding, of course you know I was kidding. I'm a far superior being that doesn't require nourishment to sustain myself!" Marius quietly ignored all the nonsense spurred out by the talkative SP, stabbing the fork through his hologram to reach the salad beneath. "...Oh right, did'ja notice something different about Tinhead?"

After taking a mouthful of greens, Marius swallowed it down with a cup of water and replied. "No? Did something happened while I was gone?" He was rather curious as to what changed about his navi, since Voulge was the same just a few hours ago. "Pffft, you dumbass. You left after I knocked out from all those money...MY MONEY THAT YOU SPENT. How the hell should I know?" With another stab through the SP, Marius went for the chicken this time. "Then tell me what's different about him." Ignis carelessly moved back and forth through the fork as he answered the question. "Well, it looked like that guy was happy...creepily happy, if you ask me. He was all grinning and shit when I woke up and everything."

"...Grinning? Voulge grinning?" The hungry operator continued with his dinner as he wondered what exactly happen between Voulge and Splash when they were left alone. But then a sudden realization came over Marius as a grin of his own began to come out from his mouth.

Heh...He must've gotten lucky with Splash.


Around the moment when Marius finished up with his dishes, Voulge's upgrade was complete as a jolly chime rung out from the PET. The navi reemerged into the real world, standing exactly the same as he did when Marius came back. "Well? Feel any different?" said Marius as he began to take off his rubber gloves. "...Yes." After a few moment of silence, Marius returned to the living room desk as he rested his head against the wooden finish.

"Then lets see how much you've improved...Let's take a stab at the Chaos net."

Such suggestion even roused Voulge's attention as the navi looked towards Marius with one eyebrow hanging up. "Are you sure?" asked Voulge. "Hell should I know. Even before we were back in Creamland with all your upgrades, we didn't have clearance to go into it. But now we do, so might as well." The spearman turned silent again, but soon, replied with a nod.

"Then it's settled. To the Chaos Net!"

Destination: Electown Chaos Net