"... Aaand there we go, all done. Everything feel alright, Anyis?" asked Mill as he rebooted his PET to activate the changes of his fresh upgrade purchase.

"Yeah, I'm... *yawn* good." replied Anyis wearily, having just woken up from her 2-minute offline period. "So is that it? Are you going home now?"

"Guess so." answered Mill as he exited the MetroLine station in the middle of ACDC Town. "I don't have any errands to...? Lilia?" Mill's immediate train of thought derailed entirely as he spotted his younger sister walking slowly down the street. After spending a moment to sort out his mixed confusion, worry, and irritation, he quickly jogged across the road and stopped her in her tracks. "Lilia! What are you doing out here? What happened to school?"

"Oh, Mill... So you were *sniff* out... No wonder you didn't answer the phone." replied Lilia, with a voice that would've sounded surprised if it wasn't so muffled. "I... *sniff* caught a bit of a cold, so the nurse sent me home. You know how those things can... *sniff* spread through a school." she explained with a laugh, albeit a little forced and weak.

Rather than give a verbal response, Mill moved himself directly in front of Lilia, tucked his hand up under her bangs, and pressed it to her forehead. "Hey, wha...! Come... *sniff* on, Mill! This is embarrassing!" whined Lilia with more vigor than a sick person should really have. Her face was already flushed due to the illness, so there's no telling how embarrassed Lilia really was. Her eyes were darting around quite rapidly, though, searching for anyone who would tease her about this creepy brother moment.

"Chill out, all your friends are either at school or home sick." snapped Mill as he removed his hand from his sister's forehead. "Anyway, your head's pretty hot, so you probably won't be able to just rest it off without some medicine."

"Yeah, the nurse... *sniff* said I'd need some medicine, too. I tried sending Euthenia out to... *sniff* order a prescription, but my head's too foggy to manage her, and she... *sniff* doesn't know her way around here by herself yet." explained Lilia through an increasingly stuffy nose.

"I tried to follow the flowers there, but turns out they all just lead to the school's garden system~" chimed in Euthenia appropriately.

"Shocker..." muttered Anyis under her breath.


Mill cleared his throat loud enough to signal that it was time for all the ladies present to be quiet and listen. This was a situation that required a man to take control. So, before Magna could say anything and establish masculine superiority over his creator, Mill made his case. "I'll take you home, Lilia, and on the way there I can send Anyis to get your prescription ordered. Simple enough, right? So come on." said Mill, motioning to Lilia for her to give him her schoolbag to carry. A gentleman/brother had to carry the sickened lady's bag, of course.

"Okay... *sniff* Thanks, Mill." nodded Lilia, who pulled her bag off her shoulder and handed it to her brother. It was okay for her to give Mill a cool moment... once in a while.

(Jack In, ACDC Net)