Teaming up!

Fortunately Dave was browsing his mailbox when Tim's message arrived, so he could get to the metro station just in time. He checked his watch, it was 2:57 pm. A train was pulling in at the moment, so he started walking over there, and took out his pet from his pocket.
"Well, it's about time" he said.
"Yup" answered Raider, "I hope they didn't miss the train ..."
It wouldn't be too surprising for Tim to be late, he often is, but of course it's never his fault like with everyone. Today he was so hyped up, that he wanted to come with an earlier ride, but because he missed that he came with the one just on time.
When they got down from the subway Tim looked around searching for his potential partner.

- It would be much easier if we knew how he looks like... - pointed out the obvious Tim.
- Don't worry about the small stuff, we wait a little for the crowd to clear off.

And as Enchanter anticipated only three men were standing in the meeting place. An old man, a little kid and a young man holding a PET in his hands. It was a difficult choice to make. He approached the one that looked... Dave-ish.

- Hello, my name is Timothy. Nice to meet you.-
"Nice to meet you too. Well, let's go and assault a coffee shop, then!" said Dave after shaking hands, and started walking towards his favourite place.
"Right, and while you two fill yourself with a totally unnecessary liqud nutrients, me and Enchanter could get to know each other too, what do you say? said Raider.
"Right, we'll find a jack for you ... " replied Dave, " ... agreed?" pointed a question to Tim.
Tim hasn't been in ACDC Town for years, so he just followed Dave who leaded him to a coffee shop called: " ACDCoffee ".

- Wow, I'm not too much in coffees, but even I heard about that place on the BBS. While we drink and eat cookies our Navis can jack in to the table.
- That really sounds cool. And I'm eager to meet with Raider.

After they found a good spot and sat down Tim ran through the Menu and chose a fairly cheap biscuit and drink whichs names sounded good. And of coursed jacked in his navi, so he can meet with his partner too.

- This is my Support Program Caerbannog. Unfortunately he's mute, but he's a really nice guy. - Introduced Enchanter the full plate which was standing next to him to Raider. The living armor nodded towards the two "stranger" when his name was mentioned.
Dave ordered his favourite, extra big deluxe coffee with foam, rum, some cocoa, biscuit, and a sour cherry on the top.
"Mmmm, yummie!" said Dave as the waitress arrived with it. Before he started drinking it, he connected his pet to the jack in the table.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Raider, and this is my SP, Soldier ..." introduced themselves Raider " ... well, he doesn't speak a lot too, so I think they will be fine"
"YES, SIR!" said Soldier, and saluted.

"Okay, say something about yourself" said Dave, as he was busy drinking his orbital size of coffee.
- Wow, it feels like a job interview.... Well I don't really know where should I start. Right now I'm living in Netfrica. I want to become a scientist and it looks like that alternative net construction will be my specialty, at least it sounds really cool. I've got a lots of plans about programing Enchanter and as soon as I get some money I will complete his elemental system, but I most admit that right know he's not even close to his full power. - said Tim and stopped to take a deep breath.

- Hey, you must admit that even without the process upgrades were quite a pair. - butted in Enchanter.

- Yeah, well not too long ago there was a time when we faced three armed Heelnavi and defeated them. Enchanter core system was already damaged before the battle, so it was a tight one.

After the long speech Tim got thirsty and finally started to drink some coffee. - And what about you? - asked as he picked out a big and tasty looking biscuit.
"Well, I live here in ACDC town, I bought a flat after spending two years in the army. I don't have any specific plans about my future, I just do what I like. About Raider? Well I have some plans about making him stronger, you know, like "one shot - one kill", but I need some money do to so." said Dave and finished his coffee with one big gulp.
"Whew that was good ... " continued Dave his speech, " ... well, about recent battles? We had a mission about securing a govermental speech at a navi shelter, and we managed to handle the situation, but we could have been better ... " Dave stopped here for a moment "Hmmm, missions ... are you ready for some fun? Let's find something we can make ourselves useful!" said Dave and started browsing the mission advertisements on the net ...
- Wait, you want to start a mission from here? - asked back Tim after hearing the sudden plan. - I hope you know that missions can last even for weeks if they're difficult. This is the most... the most.. the most awesome idea which i ever heard. It's a real challenge and we can get known each others busting style. Enchanter, you heard the idea too right?

- Of course, don't worry I'm right behind Raider, we gonna find a nice mission in no time. - replied his navi.

Tim wanted to pick out an another biscuit, but it were all finished up. Unfortunately the coffee cup was also empty and he could only watch the black circle left in the bottom of it. He sighed and acquiesced that he can't do anything else just concentrate on finding a fitting mission.
"Hey look at that! We got a mission!" said Dave, "It says we need to meet with some from ET-Mart in Elektown ... I'll pay."
Dave took his wallet out of his pocket and left the price of their coffee and some extra tip on the table.
"Come on, let's move!" he said, and walked out.
- Are you sure that we've still got time for the mission today? - asked Tim from Dave, when he told him the details. - If so then we should hurry up. - Actually it was pretty unnecessary, because his partner was already getting ready to leave. - Enchanter come back, we're going on an another trip.

- Okay. - Replied the navi. -Well then, we're gonna meet again soon. - Bade farewell Enchanter. - Caerbannog, hurry up. - The SP just nodded and followed his master as they left the net.