ACDC Hotel

Sullen stepped off the metro looking haggard from a day's worth of traveling and hours of jetlag. Halter, shorts and sandals worked fine with the weather; and her two trolley suitcases made sure she was ready for a change of clothes if needed.

She was impressed by the public transport even more by the cost of a hotel room. Double bed, drawers, mini-fridge, desk, television, internet port and finally the essential bathroom. "Shower, toilet, mirror, sink, toiletries, towels." She finished off the last of her checklist out loud. Finally she felt settled in enough to glance at the news and remove her PET from her pocket. Opening up the wallet sized device so she could get a quick gauge of the local net maybe a battle or two before finally crashing.

"Saluki.exe are you ready for your first field tests?"
The creature nod and patently wait to be jacked in and transmitted to the ACDC net.

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"Set the alarm for 6:30am" She yawned and set the PET down and leaving it connected; before outright flopping on the bed to get some much needed sleep. She needed time ponder what to do with their small winnings and how she could strategically use her new chip
She was up by 6:30, and by 7:00 she had a small snack from the mini-fridge and had finished the morning rituals. Dressed in a second outfit on but it was similar to the first both in color and style. T-shirt, shorts and sandals again it was all earth tones. She shuffled through the desk to see if there was anything interesting left for patrons. A local map, list of bus and metro schedules and a pamphlet about points of interests. Still she didn't feel like leaving right away and was tempted to check the net once more.

Sullen unplugged her pet from the Hotel net and flipped the wallet like device closed before slipping it into her cargo pockets. Of course she kept the volume up if the Navi had anything to say or if she had any new mail. She grabbed a map and the pamphlets for her other pocket before heading out. She didn't mind the walk to the subway and was rather impressed with how efficient the metro was.

[heading to Si-labs!]

Thankfully the metro ride passed easily and the morning walk was rather enjoyable, it was just a shame she planned on going to bed. Back in the hotel room Sullen wasted no time in completing her bedtime rituals, saying good night to her pet and politely asking Sally to set the alarm for 12:00pm. Finally she just flopped unlikely that anything but the alarm will wake her.
Sullen was up on time, completed her morning rituals (well afternoon) and changed into another similar looking outfit; Save the tones where inverted of yesterday. She ate and checked on Sally to make sure that she was ready to start again

"We are going to have to train you today, just in case we encounter another fire type and make sure that we have all the tools to deal with one." Of course the Navi made no protests as she was logged back into the ACDC town net.

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