The beginning of a story... (open)

Phil was strolling through the streets of ACDC. It was summer, bright out with some clouds. It was rather hot out, but there was a gentle breeze here and there to aid those wearing light clothing.

Speaking of clothing, Phil was wearing a bright red T-shirt with a logo of some sort on it and jean shorts. It fit him well, not too baggy nor too tight.

Kids were out playing, other people were walking the streets here and there, occasionally a car would drive by. Summer break was arguably the best part of the year for a teen.

Phil didn't have alot of friends, but he still liked to get out and about. He was headed for ACDC park. Once there, he'd probably just watch people for a bit, and perhaps access ACDC Net from the park's squirrel.
He was getting closer to the park. Not much seemed to change other than his surroundings. He pulled out his PET, looking at his NetNavi. "Hey Phil. Do you need something?"

Phil didn't say anything at first, but replied after thinking a little. "...No, I just wanted to talk or something. I'm a little bored."

He walked by some people a bit older than him. He didn't react to it, he was used to keeping to himself. Besides, he wouldn't know what to talk about anyway. His NetNavi, Random, replied. "What do you want to talk about, then?" He said it with a cheery voice. He enjoyed talking to his operator.

Phil didn't respond quickly, they had arrived at the park. He liked the area. It was, in fact, one of his favorite places to go in ACDC. You could find netbattlers here, but Phil wasn't really into that at this point. After some walking, he sat down on a bench, and finally responded. "I dunno. What do you want to do? It's a nice day I suppose."

The reply came quickly, almost overly quickly, "I want to virus bust." He sounded half hopeful, half worried when he spoke. One could tell it wasn't something he asked much.

Phil was silent. He merely sat on the bench, waiting to see if anything interesting happened. It almost seemed as if he hadn't even heard what his navi had said.
People were doing stuff. Some of them just walking, some of them jogging, there was even a netbattle or two going. Phil wasn't really interested in any of it, yet...

"Virus bust? What kind of idiot would purposely look for viruses? Other than Officials, of course." He had avoided answering for awhile, and he sounded more like a critic than anything in his answer.

"But we hardly ever fight viruses. I think it could be fun. Besides, you have nothing better to do, right?" Random was pleading his case. He sounded near-desperate at first, but tried to me more persuading near the end.

Phil grunted, it seemed to him that Random had trapped him in it. After mulling over it for a bit, he got up and walked over to the park's squirrel. Hesitating at first, he plugged his jack into the appropriate port. Jack in. Random.exe, execute.