ACDC Apartments Unit 108

The young teen had transfered his NetNavi to a SubPET while he tinkered with the back of his original PET trying to add a wrist mount to it so he could wear the PET like a watch. "Why won't this work..." Calder thought looking over at Zeide.EXE standing still in the SubPET. "Zeide you awake?" Asking with no emotion waving his hands in front of the SubPET's screen. "Guess not." He thought as he fell back on his apartment's bed. "I wonder why I can't get the attachment on...The ventilation system couldn't be effecting it could it?" Calder said out loud waking Zeide up from a slumber just as he fell into a deep sleep himself.
Calder awoke later to Zeide staring at him. "Do you ever shift when you sleep?" Calder asked as he got up from the bed to transfer Zeide back to the original Black and Purple PET. "No..." Zeide remarked with his usually absolute silence besides the loud breathing Zeide cannot help doing. "All as well we need to show you around this towns cyber-net." Zeide.EXE Jack-IN Transfer...

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