Just a walk in the park

Stepping out of the airport Vincent took himself a look around these new lands. Frowning slightly as he opened his white coat and flicks it open to try and cool himself off. "Should have known it'd be cooler in this part of the world."

"Well what'd you expect, it was your idea to check other nation's networks after all!"

Vincent muttered lowly as he makes his way towards what he guessed was the jack-in ports for the small nearby park. "Enough, Go." Reaching down he'd slip his PET from it's carrying case and pointed it towards the ports, sending his navi into the net.

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Cole also followed him.
"Hey,your gonna go on without me!? Not cool. Wait up!"

Cole then jacked in where Vincent jacked in.

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Turning gaze down upon the young child he'd give a faint smirk "Your not bad kid, need some work but potential is there.. Good luck to ya." Turning away he'd walk from the park, planning to explore ACDC some.