The Base is Reborn

As Wes walked off the metro, he brought up a special map file on his PET, "So, if I just follow this street here, turn here, go past this shop here, keep walking out past a few of the abandoned areas..."

"Yeah, if you follow that little line there, then you'll be right at the old hide out. Congrats." Jr replied sarcastically.

"Thanks for that. I just like to get a bit of input before proceeding. Well, we're off." Wes trudged past many houses before finally reaching the outskirts of town. His teacher had realy put the place out of the way. Finally finding it, he reached for the doorknob, only to discover it locked, "Bleh... not like anyone wants to come here. Either way, glad Sensei gave me the key." Pulling out an odd shaped metal device, he stuck it in a slit in the kno before turning and opening the warehouse up. The first thing he noticed was piles of boxes. The second thing was dust, much to his dismay. What a sucky allergy to have, "Think we're gonna have to clean this up, but that can wait. Now to find the PC." Covering his face, Wes groped around the stacks of boxes before he finally found a comp, still plugged in. Turning it on, he took out his PET, "Ready?"

"Yeah. Let's open this baby up." As the navi jacked in, he was met with a firewall. He placed his hand on the first one. Identity confirmed, releasing first lock. the wall flashed before disappearing. Jr then placed his hand on the next one, then whispered something. Password confirmed, releasing second lock. Jr was then faced with one more. Confused, he placed his hand on it. He didn't remember this one, Power requirement not met. Access denied. Jr barely had enough time to dash backwards before all the gates reactivated, "Power requirement? What the hell?"

"Let's see... looking at the data signature, it seems your level needs to be at least five. Want to do some virus buster, or can I go out to buy a cleaner for this place?" Wes sneezed loudly.

"I guess.... I can bust some viruses. Really wish I had someone to keep me company, though." Jr said.

"Soon enough. Just concentrate on getting strong enough to open the lock." Wes sneezed again. He rubbed his nose before pointing his PET at the comp and mumbling, "Sending you in, Jr."
"Okay, Junior, let's head out." Wes thought to himself for a moment, "Think I'll grab some upgrades." Locking up the base, he headed off to Scilabs.
Wes got off the metro, making an immediate dash towards the base. It was time to begin, "Jack in, Soul_Junior.EXE. Begin opening locks."

Junior appeared on the computer's screen, in front of the layers of Firewalls once again, "Opening Identiy Lock..... good. Now for the Password Lock..... same as last time. Now, let's try this again.... Power lock.... is now down. I'm in." Junior entered the inner network of the old computer. He turned to the PET screen before moving on, "Say, there's something I need to take care of. You mind coming back in a little bit?"

"Yeah.... I smell. I better get a shower. Just lemme look at the setup and..." Wes pulled up the floor plans for the warehouse on his PET, quickly finding the chemical shower. He might have to redecorate. At least it'd do the job for now. Gathering up his bathing materials, he let his navi know that'd he wouldn't be able to reach him for a bit, "Well, I'm gonna be busy for a bit. I'll be back in twenty minutes or so." He then headed over to the shower, "I bet the water's cold...." He sighed. He then thought about what had happened at the Navi Shop with that girl. He blushed again and muttered under his breath, "Perhaps a cold shower is best."
Wes reappeared about a half an hour later, drying his hair with a towel while having a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth. Next he would need something to eat....

He hastily picked up his PET and talked into it, "Hey, Junior, do me a favor and order me a pizza! What? No, I'm not naked! ....... I'm wearing boxers, so don't get all bent out of shape. Well, Things are more comfortable this way." Spitting into a garbage pail, Wes discarded the brush and continued, "Anyway, while you're waiting, I'm gonna start to organize the data here, okay?" He plopped down in his seat, waiting for pizza and his assignment. He began going through the Home Page's data and sorting it a bit. His hair hung down, wet and his towel was drapped over his shoulder. He made a mental note to at least grab some pants before opening the door for the deliveryman.
Wes stood up and grabbed a pair of black jeans, pulling them up and securing them with a belt. He then threw on a gray shirt and then began combing his hair. A knock on the door alerted him that his order had arrived. He went to the door, paid the delivery guy before heading back to his desk. He opened the box and began eating, looking down at his PET just as a large cybernetic shark broke the surface of the virtual water, "So that's Squalo...... this is some good peperoni."
"So.... that thing more or less used some weird division to reproduce?" asked Junior.

"Seems the case. Anyway, we better get down to business. I think the time to revive Requiem is now. To start, we should try to track down those who were loyal to the original group." Wes said. He pulled up a screen with a roster on it, "Okay, a quick glance showed those who were most active in the old group. Looks like we got four we should try to find. Got one, it seems. No surprise Shin was on the list. I can just write him an e-mail.... or at least I would had he given me one. Another one seems to be the netop of your mother." He paused as Junior began to look a bit sad, then went on, "Another is.... no clue, but I'm sure we'll find out. We should be able to use what information we have to find her. The last name.... looks really familiar. Interesting. Could it possibly be that guy who's navi was just fighting Squalo? Better edit my post. Well, let's go out to the park and bust there. You fight while I try to find the other two people."

"Got it." Junior said. Wes tied back his hair and walked out the door, locking it behind him.
Wes walked in a set the two PETs on his desk, "Just a sec, you two. Just need to find a change of clothes and then we can leave." He went out of sight and some ruffling of clothing could heard.

Junior sat in his PET silently. Finally, he ventured, "Capuchin-chan, are you holding up all right?"

Before she could answer, Wes came back, "Okay, let's go." He said, grabbing both devices and walking out the door.
Wes quietly walked in, got down to boxers, and found a cot and cover before lying down. He then looked at his navi, "Okay, I'm putting you next to the comp. Plug yourself in when you're done resting yourself and have some fun. You can bust if you wnat, but you'll be alone. If you wake me up, I kill you. Now good night." He then laid back down and fell asleep. With a nod, Junior went into sleep mode himself.

A few hours later, Junior was recharged. He then went into the net, towards what seemed like the most inviting target.
Wes awoke from a beeping on his PET. Was it that late already? To his dismay, no it was not, "What the hell, Junior?" He asked, exaperrated.... *continued in Onsen topic*
Wes sat up, walked over to the desk and looked at his PET. His navi had gained another level... not bad. Not only that, but they were almost at their zenny goal. With a little help from him, he could gain the zenny easily but... right now, he needed to bath. He walked over to his showering area and began his morning routine. Junior could wait a bit longer.

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A while later, Wes got out of the shower and put on some pants. He then picked up his PET to see what was up.
"Damn, that guy gave us a lot... I better spend a good chunk of this before somebody robs me. Carrying lots of cash always makes me nervous..." Wes got up and put on a gray shirt. He then ran out the door, trying to plan out a few things as he left, running to the metro.
Wes walked in and threw some bags on the floor. He had gotten so much from his refund... and had blown it all on crap. Of course, it was going to assist Junior, so at least it was useful crap. He held his PET up to the his computer, "Well, if you're ready, go for it."

"Yeah, I'm feeling a bit better now. I'll head on in." Junior said with a nod.

"Okay. I'll direct you to Net Square and have you make your way from there." Wes said. He thought for a second, before sending his navi in, "Come to think of it, Majin-sensei was from Sharo..."

Junior was already gone, dashing quickly through the square to the Sharo link.
"Considered your ass... lucky? I seemed to have missed something there." Virgil said, walking into the room. "Well, anyway... I came to ask you if you can get your navi to reguratae? Reguertate? Regurgitate... a picture of that Tinman fellow for me. I would like a Pic because I might know that navi."
"Eh? That guy looked... something like this." Wes flipped through a few screen shots he had taken of enemies and finally pulled up the one of Tinman.

Junior then reappeared in his PET, "I'm back. What now?"
"Oh you have got to be kidding..." Virgil said, scanning the picture. "Stuff that my old navi is not going to like to see. That is most likely what is happening now..." Virgil said, responding to Junior's question, even if it was not directed at him in the first place.
"Oh, hello, Virgil-kun. Is... uh, Daisy around?" Junior asked nervously.

"If you're looking for an overnight visit, Junior, let me know so that I can get some sleep too. No use staying up waiting for you to get done when I could be doing something useful like rest." Wes said.

Junior sighed. Why did he always need to come out and say things like that? Though he couldn't deny that that was what he was after.
"Think that might be jumping to conclusions there Wes. Also Junior, last I know, Daisy should have been checking out the Requiem BBS. Course, that was over 30 mins ago. So she would either be in her homepage, or out somewhere. If you want I can give you the pass for her Homepage, and you can check if she is there. Also, can I keep that screen shot? There is someone else that needs to see it."
"Eh, guess I'll take the HP passcode but busting in without warning would be rude." Junior replied, "Wes, give me a few minutes and then I'll be ready to go."

"Okay.... Wait a sec.... Do I want to turn off my PET screen?" Wes asked. Junior nodded and his netop sighed, "Okay, just let me send this data quick and then I'll do so." Wes did as he said, then turning off his PET's sound and screen, "So, you have no idea where your navi is? That's not good. You better establish communication soon to make sure nothing bad happened. We can help you look, if need be."
"...Alright, my train of though was just crushed... well, anyway. I have something that records Daisy in the background, including position, mental status, stanima, and power. For intence..." Virgil was saying, before pressing some buttons on his PET. "...As of two mins ago, Daisy had just went to the eastern part of ACDC net, odds are for a walk. If you want to tell Junior that after... he is done. Well, I think I'm going to head back, unless there is something you want me to tell you."
"Here's a little something I'll tell you. Don't go spreading this around but last time I left Junior go unop-ed for a while, he got kidnapped and almost raped. Now Junior's stronger than Daisy and since she's female, she'll most likely seem like an easier target. Now, once again, I suggest you find someway to get back in contact with your navi. I'd rather not have Junior freak out." Wes advised.