Tsujsa rushed over to the station as soon as he received the call. It was great to have a family member staying together again, after living alone for quite a while. "Hey, captain, do you even -remember- what she looked like?" a voice came out from his pocket. Tsujsa pulled the PET out and looked at the screen.

"Well... kinda."
"Yeah. I knew her since she was a kid, but she's changed dramatically over the years."
"When was the last time you spoke with her?
"8 years ago."

Validus was silent. The navi stared at Tsujsa for a moment, and then looked away. "Good luck with finding her." Validus muttered. Tsujsa huffed in exasperation. "What was that supposed to mean?!"
The weather was good enough not to give her muscle and joint aches, though she had something to complain about... Like the heavy luggage secured in her lap and constantly looking for ramps as an alternative to staircases. Enough about grumbling, Camillia; it wasn't going to fix anything, she sighed inwardly to herself. At least she had a partner now-- or... that's how she wanted to see it. Her Navi, apparently, had a knack of an attitude when it came to communicating.

Rhea usually never talked to the redhead unless she started it, or when the need arose.

In any case, she had already called up her cousin... It had been a while since they had met. Thankfully, the waiting area wasn't entirely crowded, so she had the liberty to explore as much as her hands could bring her. "Turns out that this place's going to be our new turf, huh Rhea?"

"Perhaps," the PET blared from her bag. ...Well, better than if there was no response at all. Camillia had forgotten to ask of Tsujsa's dress code... Well, at least she stuck out of the population like a sore thumb.
"Oi, captain. We've been here for half an hour already and we still haven't found her? You're kidding me right?"
"Shut up, I'm trying to use my psychic powers to locate her."
" have Psychic powers?"
"No, now zip it- ah, there she is!"

Tsujsa's eyes met a teenage girl who was bound to a wheelchair with a luggage bag on her lap, while a blanket covered her feet. Tsujsa recognized those eyes and that hair, however. It was not something he would easily forget. He walked over to the girl's location.

"Hey Cam. How're you doing?"
The redhead's face lit up when the man, with a familiar aura, approached and greeted her by name. "Hello there," she returned the greeting promptly, throwing in a small wave for good measure. "Well, as you can see, I'm managing," she added, noticing that her older cousin's arm was bandaged. "And what's new with you, Tsujsa? Working hard?" Camillia said, smiling as she reached into her luggage bag, withdrawing a box of swiss roll, clearly a purchased item from her hometown. "A little meeting gift. The taste haven't changed," she offered.
Tsujsa laughed at the 'working hard' bit. "Yeah right... As if." He muttered as he took a swiss roll from Camillia. The familiar taste was there, and boy did it ever remain tasty. "pfanksh." Tsujsa said with a mouth full of the pastry.

"Didn't your mother ever told you not to talk with your mouth full..." Validus said with a disapproving sigh. Tsujsa ignored him completely.

"So anyway, come on. We should get you settled in my home soon." Tsujsa said as he grabbed the handles on Camillia's wheelchair, and brought both of them back to his home. "The place where I live is a little small, but it's comfortable and it's home." Tsujsa said with a smile.