As Alan opened the door, he noticed a few letters waiting for him. Letters? Who sends those anymore? he said to himself as he placed them on the table and started undressing from his business attire.

Hey, what did you get up to today while I was at NetSquare? Meltdown asked.

Other than fixing up one of your mistakes? Filling out some paperwork for Loretta. Her new assistant is away for the week.


As Alan got into bed, he looked out the window. I hope I don't get sick in Sharo, it's freezing over there.

Oh no. sighed Meltdown. Here we go again. Look, you'll be fine, just rug up.

Easy for you to say, you're in the PET. Alan snapped back.

Like that'd matter, I'm ALWAYS on fire! joked Meltdown.

Whatever. Goodnight, man. said Alan before turning over.


We haven't missed anything, have we Meltdown?

Have you got my battlechips? asked Meltdown.

I meant luggage-wise, smart-ass.

Hey, my battlechips are important too.

Yeah, yeah. Your precious battlechips are safe. Alan assured him.

Good. I'm gonna be so bored over in Sharo. Meltdown complained.

Did you ever find anybody to bust with? Alan asked.

No, nobody replied, then you called. said Meltdown, a little gloomy thinking about the rejection.

Leave another message and see if anybody will come to Sharo Net.

Okay. As Meltdown quickly took off onto the net, Alan double-checked everything was okay. Putting the instructions from Loretta into his wallet, Alan looked at the time. Yep, still had plenty before the plane took off.

Okay, done. said Meltdown as he returned to the PET.

Sweet. Okay, off to the airport. As Alan pushed his bags to the car and put them on the back seat, he locked the house and started the car.