Tsujsa let his head hang back on the park bench. He had been jogging for an hour now and it would do him good to get some rest before going home. Since Tsujsa was afflicted with a condition which rendered his arms unable to defend himself or lift heavy items, he trained his own legs as a means to defend himself.

"Captain, shouldn't we be getting back already?" Came a voice from a device mounted on his hip. Tsujsa pulled it out. A PET. He smiled at the figure behind the screen. "Yeah, you're probably right. But I'm picking up something to eat first before we go home." Tsujsa replied.

Validus looked his usual self, his cloak putting his arms out of view. His logo wasn't mounted on the chest like most Navis, but rather on his shoulders. A bullet in the middle. The Navi chuckled.

"That's the good thing about us Navis. We don't have to eat." Validus said.
"Yeah, but you navis won't get the chance to enjoy tasting stuff."
"We do, actually. Data simulation allows us to enjoy just that as well."
"Touche, Validus. Touche." Tsujsa muttered after a pause, and grinned.

He had walked over to the Hot Dog stand where he frequented went there. However, today the hawker had a dissatisfied look on his face. "What's wrong, Andy?" Tsujsa asked.

"Ah, it's this blasted cooker. It's not functioning right for some reason."
"Mind if I take a look at it?"
"Not at all. Hell, if you can find what's wrong with it I'd be willing to give you some hot dogs on the house."

Tsujsa checked the hot dog trolley. The gas cylinders were attached properly, and none of the hardware seemed to be in bad condition, so it only meant...

"...That a virus is responsible." Validus finished Tsujsa's thoughts. "Well, shall we, captain?"

"We shall." Tsujsa said as he transmitted Validus from his PET into the Cooker's electronic mainframe.