Looking for a friend

"I can't belive that I have been Persuaded to do this" Storm mumbled as he walked towards the park, "I mean really Vortex, we just moved here and you expect me to go to a park and then hope that some person will pop up and..."

He was cut off by a voice issuing from his PET, "As a matter of fact Storm" Vortex said, "Just because you were and outcast where we used to live doesn't mean that you can't make friends here!"

"I suppose your right, but..." again he was cut off.

"No if's and's or but's Storm, besides it will do you some good to get to know the people around here. And if your lucky we might even get to help someone bust some viruses!"

By then they had reached the park and Storm sat down on a bench. And waited for someone to show.


"Yes Storm?"

"Maybe your right, I could use a friend...and a partner."

And he waited for someone to appear.
Storm awoke with a loud grunt "huh!" and checked his watch it was 3:00 in the afternoon. He streached and stood up "well better head home and check out the net square". He walked off in the direction of his house, yawning periodicaly, and eventualy got home. But as soon as he closed the door to his house, he seemed to become a different person, his eyes shined brightly, he seemed infused with some new energy as though he had just downed an energy drink. "Next stop net square!" he roared and he bounded up the strairs, two at a time, and closed his door with a snap.