Hotel somethign what another

Virgil opens the door into the motel room. The room itself had nothing special about it, only sporting a single bed, with a TV on a dresser type object across from it. The only light scorces for the room came from two lamps, one by the door and by the bathroom opposite from where Virgil entered the room, and a window. Next to the bed out of sight was a set of white luggage, none of which were opened. Virgil makes his way to the bed, picking up a remote that was lying next to the TV. He sat himself down on the end of the bed, his body facing towards the Television.

"Daisy, you there?" Virgil asked, leaning back onto the bed.

"You need something Virgil?" Daisy asked from her PET.

"Ya, I need you to check out one of the open access homepages, the Majin one, and use ******************* as the password on the BBS there, and that would be it. Also, don't get into any trouble; I'm kind of going to take a nap right about now. Sidenote, your Homepage is fixed." Virgil said, before lying fully on the bed, and closes his eyes. Daisy just let out an alright, before jacking herself onto the net.
About 30 minentes have passed since Virgil said he was going to take a nap. At this time, his eyes start to open, and he looks at his PET. "Odds are Daisy is probably doing something that I don't need to help with... mine as well look into things." Virgil said, before using his PET to look at a BBS board on some homepage. Upon looking at one of the topics... something cought his eye. "Hold on... big metal... stupid? able to scan data... Something isn't right there..." He said softly, before reading the rest of that topic. "Strange... I think I should talk to the maker of the topic..." Virgil said, using his PET to compose a E-mail, then sending it.
After a bit, Virgil got off the bed, and left the room.
The door opened, and Virgil was speaking while he walked across he room to the bed. From what we can tell, it had something to do with a cannon. Virgil laid back on the bed, his PET on the right side of the bed, as he began to try and relax himself. It was then that his eyes started to tear up, as he said "My navi is growing up so fast ;~;. And it seems like she does not need me to teach her anything about this world... It seems like that Junior fellow did my work for me." chuckleing at the end.
Daisy had just jacked out of the Sharo's network, and Virgil got up off the bed and was rummaging trough one of his suitcases. He seems to have taken out a white labcoat from it, and put it on. He grabbed the PET, and walked out the door while composing some sort of message. You could hear a small slam as he closed the door behind himself.
Virgil walks into the room, and sits on the end of the bed. He looks at his PET, noticing Daisy is currently in sleep mode or an equivalent of it. He turned his head to look at one of his suitcases on the floor. "Mind as well see if there is something in that suitcase that might give me an idea about what to make my new navi be." He says, getting up and heading towards his case. He sits down in front of the object, lays it down on the ground and opened it. "Fake CZ75... comic books... book on handguns of the early 19 hundreds... Strange, why is my high school physic book in here? I thought I carried around the one I had to use for college." It was then that his eyes spotted some papers sticking out of the textbook. He took the pages from the book and started to inspect him. "Hay, I remember this! These were some random doodles I did in Sharian literature of a navi I wanted to make! I thought I put them somewhere other then in this book. You know... since I can have another navi now... and I liked the idea of this fellow..." the grown man mused. He grabbed his PET, started up some kind of creation software and went to work.

A few hours, and probably 20 dollars of pizza, later, Virgil managed to finish the creation of his navi. Wanting to test what it can do right then, he jacked in his new navi into the closest port in the room.
Virgil simply took his PET and some other personal items, wrote something down on a piece of paper , pockets it, and leaves the room, looking the door behind him.