A Visit

=This is but a prologue to what'll happen after the event. Yes, I do realize I put in shitloads of details with no real point to it. But, whatever, the point'll appear after the event is concluded. Oh, and if you have writing tips for me, IM me, chat-whisper me, or PM me. :'D PLEASE.=

Smoke trickled up quietly from the lit roll of tobacco, unfurling into neat, lazy spirals. Rain idly fell from the sky, pittering and pattering against roofs and windows, and the occasional walker. It was quite light for a storm, with the expected flooding having been diminished to small and infrequent showers. He'd done what had been asked of him, certainly — not that he was particularly happy about it.

I wonder if he's okay, the young man mused quietly, seemingly talking to himself, until a quiet voice piped up from nowhere.

I'm sure he's fine. He's been through worse, for sure, the voice replied, which seemed upon second thought not to be consoling, but almost impatient, as if saying get over it. Lifting himself laboriously from the hard-backed chair, the man groaned, before putting out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray.

I hope so...

Arriving at the airport, the man looked around, seeming curious at his surroundings, but still oriented enough to know his way around. His eyes locked on a short, dark man in a pair of well-worn jeans and a plaid hoodie, looking for all the world that he'd rather be somewhere else. The sign was what attracted his attention — the driver held it up grumpily, annoyed at having been woken up so early to do his job. The sign read, in scrawling black pen, 'Ceres Notara'. The man who approached the driver wasn't the only one who noticed it — what kind of name is that, other travelers thought. It didn't matter to the name's owner; Ceres had wholeheartedly refused to change it ever since it had been suggested.

As Ceres boarded his taxi, he smiled wryly, looking at his electronic companion fondly. You don't seem to care all that much, En, he commented slyly, hoping to induce his friend's ire.

No, I just think he has to get over it, and you're over-reacting. Don't worry yourself. I repeat: he's been through worse, the NetNavigator replied snappishly, not in the mood to be trifled with.

Oh, well, just because I have some semblance of caring for my little brother means I'm a worrywart, remarked Ceres sarcastically.

You know what I mean, Cer. Don't play dumb, the navi said irritably.

Bugger off, Enigma, let me think, Ceres said, irritated that his friend wasn't in the mood for banter today.

Whatever. Go and sulk, muttered Enigma. Happily obliging him, Ceres fumbled with the personal terminal distractedly, not exactly sure what to think about. He satisfied himself with staring purposelessly out of the cab window, watching the other vehicles whiz by on the highway.

The cabbie looked back at the singular man peering out the window, and sighed. Kids these days. Just aren't happy... he thought, and kept on driving in silence. Deciding suddenly to flip on the radio, he immediately smiled at the presence of light classical rock emanating from the cheap, out-dated speakers. In the back of the taxi, Ceres absentmindedly tapped his foot to the upbeat rhythm. After twenty-five minutes of rain and six classic rock songs, Ceres began to recognize bits of the road — memories from his childhood.

Been awhile since I've seen that, he remarked, making both Enigma and the driver jump.

You know, the school, he explained, nodding towards the modernized building to the right of the road. Enigma nodded sleepily, obviously having been just woken up.

Yeah. Good times, Enigma commented, before closing his eyes again.

The driver suddenly turned up the radio, obviously enjoying the catchy tune of the song, nodding his head to the rhythm. Noticing Ceres and Enigma staring at him from the back, he blushed heavily and turned the music down a bit, staring pointedly straight out at the road. As the cab slowed to a steady stop, skidding a bit in the slippery ground, Ceres hoisted himself from the seat, using one of the handles he'd so affectionately dubbed the 'holy shit' handles to pull himself out of the car. Opening the trunk of his own accord, he took the suitcase out, unsure of exactly what to do next.

Um...here, he muttered, handing the driver a more-than-sufficient note. Keep the change, he announced, before walking off in the completely wrong direction. Realizing his mistake within ten seconds, he indignantly turned off on his heel and headed off to a certain house that he knew the way to by heart, if not by sheer repetition.
Ceres smiled slightly as he approached the cute little house where he'd grown up-- but suddenly stopped.

Getting second thoughts?

No... look... a letter... Ceres muttered, pointing to the front door of Kure's house. Approaching it slowly, he set his bags down to open it, frowning slightly.


To Ceres--

I heard that you were visiting from Mom, but I decided to just leave this because, quite frankly, I don't really think I can take talking about it just yet. After Zephyr's... deletion, I've decided I want to get somewhere in my life. I may think about getting another navi later, but... for now, I'm just going to lay low and get on with life. Thanks for visiting, anyways-- as a sort of "payment" for your compassion, I'm sure you'll find something nice in your inbox. In case you're wondering, that's all the money and chips I got from virus-busting with Zephyr... I think you need it more than I do. I really just need to forget what happened before, so please take it-- don't try to send it back to me or anything.

Thanks, and I hope to see you later on, your brother--

P.S. I hope you're not smoking any more. It's really not good for you...


Ceres smiled slightly upon reading the end, and crumpled the letter with one hand, sighing. I really don't need all that, he grumbled, knowing that Enigma had read the letter over his shoulder.

I was wondering why he sent that to us...

Well, now you have your answer. C'mon... we'll visit him some other time... Ceres groaned, slightly unhappy at having come all this way to see his brother and not being able to after all.
Dammit! Ceres growled, fumbling with his hotel room key furiously.

I'd better watch out... Kure got locked out as well, Enigma snickered, laughing at Ceres' attempts to get into his room.

It doesn't work. Oh, well! Looks like you're stuck going in there, Ceres grinned, jacking into the ACDC net to fix the door's security system without waiting for Enigma's inevitable protests.

I'm just too lazy to go get help...
The next morning, Ceres awoke and decided Enigma needed more practice.

We're going to Yoka Net!

Fun... Enigma grumbled in reply, looking still tired from the previous night's busting. After this, we're getting a speed upgrade, right?

Sure, Ceres agreed, and jacked Enigma into the nearest thing he could find... (which happened to be the hotel's security system, but that didn't matter.)