The ding of an elevator echoed through the hall of Mill's apartment building as he stepped out onto his floor. Having just returned from SciLab and the Navi shop, Mill was pretty exhausted and ready to get some rest. With a few presses, Mill punched in his key code into the electronic lock on his door, which promptly read... DENIED.

"What the hell?" groaned Mill in suprise. Figuring he just slipped up somewhere, he punched the code in again. Beep.... beep.... beep.... beep.... DENIED. "Ugh... What is wrong with this thing?" Out of ideas, Mill began shaking the door in hopes that it would open up. Thankfully, Magna spoke up before that got out of hand. "OPERATOR, A POSSIBILITY EXISTS THAT THE LOCK HAS BEEN INFECTED WITH VIRUSES."

Mill stopped fighting with the door for a moment, before... slamming his head against it. "Damnit! Why the hell does a door lock need to be connected to the Net?!" shouted Mill in frustration before connecting Magna's PET to the lock.

(Jack in to ACDC Net)