98... 99... 100.

A deep inhale followed a light landing upon two feet, the back of a young warrior to the solid wall of a relatively empty home. Having abandoned his family a number of years ago, the young Tsumari Mokujin lived alone in a cheap, run down old house. He had just finished a heavy training regimen, consisting of 10 sets of 100 sit-ups, 10 sets of 100 hand-standing pushups, and around 30 laps around town. As a result, he was drenched in sweat, bead after bead falling from his chiseled frame and even at the very ends of his hair.

Quietly toweling himself off, a sharp yelling caught his attention as he approached the other room.


It was Tetsujin, Mokujin's own navi of... questionable nature. He had left him in the other room in order to train himself without any distractions.

"No point in yelling, Tetsujin..." said Mokujin, his voice filled with a calm, yet hollow tone. "After all, the reason I left you here was to effectively drown out your voice..."

"Tch... whatever. I'm bored, dammit all." responded the navi. He had calmed himself a bit, but bitterness was still evident in his voice. "Do you know how long you left me here like this? The hell... You owe me. Big time. Now jack me in so I can jack up some virii, and maybe even a navi or two."

"I don't owe you a thing..." responded Mokujin, picking up his PET and looking at the image of his navi on the screen. "I will, however, be jacking you in... I'm not the only one who needs training around here..."

Tetsujin found those words insulting.

"Hey! What the hell does that mean!?" yelled Tetsujin, shaking his fist violently as Mokujin. "I can kick plenty of ass! I don't need any training, you gloomy ass b****! Just bring it and I'll show you!"

"We'll find out soon enough..." said Mokujin lightly, plugging the cable of his PET into his computer and Jacking Tetsujin into the wild world of the internet.