Damned Sasquatch

Logan wakes up from a deep sleep dreaming about Netbattling. He hears strange noises from outside his window. He jumps out of bed and peeks out of the window and sees the door of his shed being closed from the inside by the hand of his crazy neighbor Mr. Jenkins. Logan changes his clothes and walks outside. He reaches to open the shed, but it's locked from the inside. Logan bangs his hand on the door of the shed.

"Mr. Jenkins? Are you in there?"

Logan was answered by strange muttering that he deciphered as something to the fact that his neighbor thinks that Sasquatch is stealing beers from his refrigerator. Go figure, thought Logan. Logan was going to have to open the lock (which is electronic) using his PET. Logan jacks in in a simple, undramatic motion.

(If I'm doing something wrong here plz tell me as this is my first encounter on RE:RN, though I've played other RP's)
=One thing I found wrong: THE YELLOW. IT BURNS. MAKE IT STOP, USE ORANGE OR SOMETHING. D': but it's funny, I give you that. :'D=