Tsujsa had done nothing in his home except painting his miniatures from a tabletop wargame called Warhammer 40k he had just bought earlier. The paintings on his miniatures were sloppy and unclean, but, well, this was his first time. That and he had trouble painting everything with his rather unsteady hands.

"Well, I'm done for the day..." Tsujsa muttered to himself. And then Validus popped up on the PET screen. "What, you're not gonna paint the Carnifex today?" the Netnavi asked his operator.

"Nah, I'm just going to leave a base coat on it. I'll colour it later when I'm better at this. Anyway, wanna go on the net?"
"Sure, why not? I haven't got anything to do recently... And I'm afraid my Virus Busting skills have gone rusty..."

Tsujsa pulled out the jack-in cable of the PEt and sent his rolling chair from his worktable to his computer table. "Well then, let's go." He said. Validus only nodded.