That took a long while. Claw and I walked all the way to ACDC from the colloseum. It was good exercise but I don't my net pal here is happy about spending a few months away from technology.

ABOUT TIME! he screams irratated by the unnessasarily long journey. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"
'Not so bad!?' IT WAS TORTURE! WHY DID WE HAVE TO GO THROUGH THAT HIKING TRIP... FOR A SECOND I FORGOT THAT I EXISTED!!! I could see right through that childish look. I knew that deep inside he's happy too. The urban towers reflecting the sun and the hard streets and colorful devices that make everyon look inhuman. I could never get used to it. But it's all a long lost home for Claw. "I have plenty of reasons not to take the scary untrustworthy transportaiton of the modern futuristic looking age. I kind of lost my mind there. That guy knew what he was doing,"
That's just the thrill! I really want to pound the snot out of him the next time we meet
Strangely enough Claw, I don't think we'll be able to find Edgirl again. I can't remember his face if he were right in front of me. Too many people around these places....

"Also Claw, if you hadn't noticed. We wasted all of our equipment on that guy and we have no means as to getting more,"

I hate the way you think!
"I obeyed your request for an instant fight to prove where we were, we're obviously at the very beginning of our quest together. We din't really need a fight to figure out where we are in this ideal of life" I explained. There was a depressing silence between the both of us as I simply stand by a wall with a felled sigh.
So we're hoboes he summarised.
"Now we just have to do something about it."