The automatic doors to a local Net Cafe pulled open, and a man rolled in on a wheelchair up to the front counter. The receptionist turned around and noticed him, saying, "Hello J, usual order?".

"Sounds good, thanks." answered J, smiling and waving at the receptionist before turning himself around and wheeled up to an open computer. Some light rock music was coming out of the speakers in the ceiling, and a groaning noise rumbled in J's pocket. Pulling out his PET, J watched his Navi.

"No, no! This won't do at all! I can't dance to this!" shouted Waltzen, showing his obvious distaste for modern music.

"I know, I know. I'll give you something better when we started," laughed J in response.

"Well, hurry and jack me in! Anything to get away from that infernal noise!" yelled Waltzen. Taking the command, J jacked his PET into the computer, sending Waltzen out into the ACDC net...