The sun rose quietly over ACDC as birds only began to chirp.

"Hey. Kure. Get up." Zephyr said, looking at him from the green-and-black PET. "It's time for school. Get up."

Kure just groaned, put his hands lightly in front of his eyes, and turned over.

"No. Kure. GET UP." Zephyr yelled, getting exasperated.

Kure sat bolt upright, and then fell back down onto the bed, his face smushed in the pillow and his butt upright in the air.

"You freaking doofus. Get up."

Kure failed to notice for a third time. Giving up, Zephyr leaned back.
"You know what, fine. I don't care. Get another F on a test."

As Kure yet again failed to get up, the sun even shining through a window into his eyes, Zephyr groaned. Again. Setting up an application on Kure's PC, he grinned.

"Lazy ass."

Suddenly, a blaring air horn sounded from Kure's computer. Birds erupted from trees and telephone lines like bats from light. Kure jolted straight up, resulting in him hitting his head on the top of his bunk bed. Falling out of bed, he moaned, rubbing the top of his scalp.

"Oww, you b*tch..." Kure grunted. Dragging himself out of the covers, he rubbed his eyes blearily. "Jesus Christ, I think half of the world heard THAT one."

"Heheh, I'm sure. Now get some clothes on and get to school before your ass is busted for truancy. Sucks that Mom is out of the house, eh?"

"Damn straight..." Kure said, opening his closet door. Plucking a shirt at random and a pair of jeans from the pair before, he walked into the kitchen. "Huh. No coffee made? Damn." Moving to the sink, he doused his face and hair in water before moving to the pantry. Rummaging through, he found a granola bar, a yogurt, and a banana. Sitting down at the counter, he ate them ravenously.

After several tedious morning wake-up tasks, Kure walked to the door with his bag and PET, all ready to go. Grabbing the door handle and jerking it down, he grunted. "Damn thing's stuck again." Jumping up a bit, he slammed down on the handle.


"That was just stupid." Zephyr said, sniggering.

"Shut up. The stupid security's busted again." Moving to the panels, he tapped in a few numbers.
Incorrect code.
"Dammit." Kure said, typing in his code again and again.
Incorrect code. Security lockdown initiated.
"WHAT?" Kure yelped. Hearing dozens of locks click throughout the house, he groaned. "Virus?"

"I bet."

"I suppose we're busting before I even got a shower in." Kure said, shuffling to the security jack. "Jack in, and all that jargon."

"Sure, whatever." Zephyr said, transferring to the house's network.