New beginnings

"Uhh... what...?" His pair of eyes blinked open for a split second before closing again, unadjusted to the light. He squinted them open and looked at his surroundings. There were these sorta blocky things blocking his left and right sight... speakers? And in front of him was...

...Who was that guy...?

"Trenn!" Soundman's memories returned to him in a flash, and he bolted upright, smacking right into the display screen with Trenn's face on it and sending it flying. It stopped itself a few feet from Soundman, turned itself upright once more, and hovered back over to him. "I'm glad to see you're okay." Trenn's voice seemed... different. Older, perhaps? "Yeah, I feel fine. How long was I in that storage unit?" "About 5 years."

Soundman winced at the amount of time that had passed, and looked at Trenn. "So does this mean..."

"Yeah. I fixed you. I also gave you a bunch of upgrades and a graphical overhau- well, how about I just show you?" The rapid blips of Trenn pressing holographic keyboard keys filled the audio feed, and the display widened, changing into a mirror. Soundman stood and looked himself over... this was certainly a large change...

...He looked awesome!

"Trenn, this is great! I look cool! How'd you come up with this?" Soundman turned a bit from side to side, looking himself over from every angle, a giddy grin on his face.

"Well, I've improved in my coding prowess, Soundman. Also, I have one more surprise for you..." Trenn chuckled, and muttered a single word. "Wiz!"

"BROTHER!" Soundman turned around just in time to be tackled by Wiz, knocking him onto his back. "Wiz! How are you in here?!" Soundman ruffled the younger navi's hair, and Trenn spoke up. "I modified the PET's storage capacity. Wiz won't be able to come out in battles like you can, but at the very least he can keep you company in there." Trenn smiled kindly, gazing upon Soundman and Wiz with... was that pride? "It's good to have you back, Soundman."

Soundman sniffled a little bit and looked back up at Trenn, a tear in his eye. "It's good to be back, Trenn."
A few minutes later, and Trenn was out of his house and on a metroline headed towards Scilab.

"So Soundman," Trenn started, looking over at the little hologram of Soundman that had been on his shoulder since he left the house, "How is it you know who Wiz is...?"

Soundman paled, his speech a rapid stutter of half-excuses as he frantically tried to come up with something believable. "I... well, that is... I mean... errr..."

"That's what I thought." Trenn chuckled, pulling up a small viewscreen filled with access records. "I looked at the access records for Wiz's program the last time I edited him. Interestingly enough, there was an access by a one 'Mom' on there. I asked her about it, and she said she hadn't even known about Wiz, much less edited him. So, that left the only other logical choice in the house since dad's completely useless when it comes to this stuff... you."

Soundman laughed. "Well I guess you caught me, then."