Whine! Whine like you mean it!

Glenn stared at his PET, as his navi continued to bawl his eyes out of his sockets. "Why!? WHY IS GOD SO CRUEL TO ME!?" Hitokiri whined. "Do you even have a god? I mean.. all you are is a Navi. Plus, how can you be crying?" Glenn asked, puzzled at the sobbing navi. "I don't wanna talk about it... I just wanna crawl into a corner and eat a tub of ice cream and cry myself to sleep." "Oh come ON! Stop being such a whiner and grow up! It's not like it was that bad." Glenn replied, shouting as his PET, and probably attracting unwanted attention. "You obviously have never been raped by a horde of flaming cyber wolves! It was horrible! Just horrible!" Hitokiri continued to cry, and Glenn was beginning to get a headache. "Guh. Can you atleast stop crying so loud? People are starting to stare." "Fine..." Hitokiri sniffed, and was still curled in a ball. Glenn sat back in the bench, and stared at the sky. He felt unlucky, and hated that feeling.

((Join in, if you want.))
((Meh. Suit yourself.))

Glenn leans forward, and a nearby internet cafe catches his eye. "So, how about some more virus busting?" Glenn asked Hitokiri with a grin. "Oh no! Oh no way! I refuse to go back in there again! The Spikeys! They could be waiting for me!" While Hitokiri was ranting on, Glenn was already half-way from the bench to the cafe. "No! Glenn! I BEG YOU! NOOO!" But, it was too late. Soon enough, Glenn jacked Hitokiri in to one of the computers, and Glenn was sent into ACDC Net, scared out of his wits.