Lets try harder

"Umm lets see..." Aida sorted out her chips as she made her way down town..."Hmm...we cou-could always...n-no...taht w-wont work...how bout...RRRGH!"

"Aida...your at it again?" Caouchin asked, "This isn't like you! You usually arent this enthusiastic."

Aida gaev a nod, "I kn-know but...I want to be a-able to make you st-stronger...I don'dont want to see you hurt anymore."

Capuchin gave a smile, "Thanks Aida. And if you want me to get stronger...why not some more taining?"

"A-Alright..." Aida moved towards a jack in port..."You s-sure about this...y-you just recovered."

"Im sure..."

"A....Alright...j-jack in Capuchin!"

And with that, Capuchin was sent to the net.
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Aida's watch began to beep and she immediately looked at it and freaked. "GYAH! I F-FORGOT! I w-was going to go t-to th-the store fo-for grandmother! I'm s-so late! SHe-she'll be mad if I don't g-get the t-tea she likes.

"WELL THEN HURRY!" Capuchin cheeped.

"D-Don't worry, I kn-know a sh-shortcut." Aid assured as she took the pet. It was wireless so she could net battle as she ran. She made her way down a new path where construction was being done. "Th-this was the o-old shortcut I used to k-keep away from bullies as a k-kid."

"OH YEAH!" Capuchin cheeped, "I remember this area!"

Aida began to walk down the wooden boards holding up teh road. They were putting in some new piping so they were opening the road up. She looked over at the other road and began to remember old things....thats when tragedy struck.
The crane hoisting up some metal pillars began to malfunction. Probably a virus. The crane was immediately shut down but the wire holding teh pillars wasn't strong enough and they began to crash down.

"AIDA! LOOK OUT!" Capuchin cried as they both looked in horror as they pillars crashed around her...and breaking the boards underneath, and sending her underneath.

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" Aida gave out a horrible scream as she tumbled down and then there was a crash. Capuchin's PET was not damaged and was teetering ontop of a pillar.


"U-Under you..." Aida groaned.

Capuchin gave a sigh of relief as she saw that Aida wasn't that badly hurt either, but the pillar was pretty close to her. The only reason it didn't squish her was because of some concrete that got caught in its way. "Can you get out."

Aida tried but it was no use. It hurt to try and budge herself out. "Maybe I can push it off."

"NO DONT!" Capuchin commanded, "You could make it worse."

A sound of water splashing got them all confused. "Hey aida...where's taht sound coming from."

Aida looked up and realized that the pillars had smashe da water pipe. "OH NO!...The p-pipe....its g-going to over flow here!"

"WHA!?" Capuchin cheeped, "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! Your still stuck!"

"C-Capuchin...your st-still on teh net....Conta-act someone and call f-for help."

"WH-where do I go?"

"Pr-probably wa-warn the construction pe-people above...you h-have to conne-nect to the crane's computer..."

The water began to rise more now. Aida began to attempt to keep her head higher but her stomach was stuck under the pillar. It hurt to actually move it so much. She guessed that she must have been injured during the fall. SHe attempted to reach teh PET again but no luck.

"AIDA!" Capuchin hollered, "It looks like the reason that the consturction workers arent helping you is because their equipment has gone crazy."

"I g-guess th-that me-means they w-wont be a-able to get m-me out anytime soon." Aida struggled with the pillar more.

"AIDA! DON'T!" Capuchin commanded, "I alredy told you. You may make it worse. Also, you could be injured and moving it could make your injury worse! I'll get help!"

"I b-believe in y-you Capuchin." Aida said, "Good l-luck."
Wes raced off the Metro, "Shit! Which construction site? That one?" He glanced around frantically and not seeing any other signs of devlopment, raced into the area, "Oh hell.... Ambridge? You in here?" Hearing the sound of rushing water, he investigated and found his comrade at the same time, "Crap.... so you're stuck under that? Not sure if I can move it and you at the same time..." He looked at his skinny figure, "Not sure how much I can move that thing at all, really..." he whispered this to himself, not wanting her to here. He needed another person and Shin still hadn't picked up. He glanced around and then started to yell, "Hey, somebody, get their ass over here now! We need help and fast!" He glanced down at Aida's PET, "Say, want me to operate her until either you get out of their or my idiot arrives? Also, has anyone called an amblulance or anything? Shit!" He put the call being sent to Shin on hold for a minute, then called an emergency squad. He got back on the other line as he finished, "Damn it Shin... pick up. Hey, Ambridge, if the water gets too high, yell and I'll just try something drastic."
Shin ran out from the metro, locking on to Wes' PET signature from his GPS system that he hooked onto his PET.
"Construction site, construction site... THERE!" Shin mumbled, racing over to where Wes is. The first thing he saw, was Aida lying under a pillar.
"Oh damn..." Shin swore, he turned to Wes. "I can't do that alone, well I probably could, but it would be easier for me for the both of us to do it together," Shin stated, taking off his sunglasses, putting them in his jacket pocket, and taking his jacket off and throwing it to the side. He grabbed at the pillar on one side.
"Take the other side parallel to me!" Shin commanded, bracing his knees in order to lift the pillar.
"Okay..." Wes started to lift the large object. His adrenaline helped quite a lot, since he was in full panic, but would it be enough...?
The pillar only budged a bit. If they attempted to move it anymore, they would hurt themselves. Aida looked at them worried. "I-I'm sorry ab-about this...l-looks like you n-need another p-person." The water was getting higher too. If any longer and she'd need gills.
"Crap, you know another person who can help?" Shin asked, trying to lift the pillar more, NOT THAT HE WAS ACTUALLY STRAINING HIMSELF, since he doesn't have a black belt in martial arts for nothing.
"Wait, I have an idea!" Shin announced, gently setting the pillar back in its original position. He quickly went through the e-mails on his PET and quickly typed a request message.
"Oh snap, I don't have as many e-mails as I thought," Shin groaned, seeing only 2 e-mails in his PET. He took a look at the water pipe. "Set the pillar down Wes, try and contact someone, I'm going to seal up this water valve." He looked around him and found a bag of quick dry cement. He heaved the bag over his shoulder and rushed near the area where the water pipe was leaking. Shin quickly took out a cement laying tool and started plastering cement onto the broke water pipe, attempting to clog the water flow, if only to stall for some time.
Anthony was walking down the street near where that construction was, heading toward this coffee shop he normally was always at. This was not his normal route there, but seeing as he needed to get there and back to the colossuem before the Test started up, he decided to take the faster route. On his way, he heard "Hey, somebody, get their ass over here now! We need help and fast!". Anthony rushed too where ever it came from, and saw what was happening. He decided to help, and rushed down, and started to try and move the pillar.
"Well that was unexpected," Shin commented, stopping his plastering, rushing over to the pillar. He nodded to Wes, "Let's do it," he said, grabbing the pillar.
"HEAVE-HO!" Shin yelled, straining with all his might to help lift the pillar.
What was that guy doing here? Maybe he really was a stalker.... though, since he was making an attempt to help, he wasn't about to complain. Now to try this again. He glanced at his PET screen out of the corner of his eye, "They're at the control panel. Things are about to get a lot better or a lot worse, so we better be prepared either way. Let's do it!" Wes began to heave...
The pillar began to be removed off of Aida but revealed something. Her shirt's stomach was stained with blood. She probably was injured from the pillar or from the fall and moving around perhaps made it worse. Her head was already spinning and she tried her best to focus. She was getting tired and quickly, passed out.
"Damn! She may have some broken bones. Moving her carelessly could just make things worse.... Though this construction site might have the materials I need. Shin, make sure her head stays above water. You, Anthony or something, come with me. I'll need help moving crap." Wes climbed out of the hole and began looking around. He found a few poles easily enough and with a bit of searching, found a tarp as well. Wrapping the end of the tarp around the poles and securing the ends, he was able to produce a makeshift strecher. Picking up the cumbersome object, he walked back over to the edge of the hole, "Now, I'm sending this down to you. I trust you know how to use it. Together, you should be able to at least move her to a spot that's not flooded. That way she won't drown before professional help gets here."
"Got it," Shin said, keeping Aida's head above water. Sigh, you get into so much trouble so often, Shin thought as he took the makeshift stretcher with one hand, and slid it gently under Aida's body. "Okay Anthony! Get her up to Wes! I'll call a taxi!" Shin ordered, lifting the stretcher gently upwards at a diagonal angle and feeding it to Wes.
Anthony was somewhat shocked at two of the people there... The wounded girl that was panicing some at the electown train station, and the guy that threw a game boy at his face. He was to busy trying to get his thoughts together to her what Wes said, but he did hear "Okay Anthony! Get her up to Majin! I'll call a taxi!". Anthony then tried to get her up to him... ever so hoping he was not going to get smacked like his last encounter with him.
Wes grabbed onto the end of the strecher as it was stuck up to him. to his dismay, there was no one to grab the other end for when Anthony would force it up, "Shin, get up here. Damn, this is hard with just three people.... its even worse than coordinating Pikmin." He sighed, then looked down at Aida. What exactly was damaged? Was the bleeding all external, or was there some internal as well? Was was borken? Though doubtful at this point, was something vital hit?

A set of lights flashed behind him. He looked behind him to find the ambulance he had called. Two medical professionals jump out of the back, bringing their own strecher. With their help, he was able to lift Aida out of the hole and place her onto the other strecher to replace the makeshift one. As they loaded her up, one requested that a guardian or some other companion ride along to the hospital. Wes sighed, "Give me a minute to gather up her things or if you can't wait, take that guy." Wes pointed to Shin before jumping back down the pit to retrieve his navi and his comrade's PET.
"See you guys later!" Shin called, rushing along with the ambulance and riding in it to the hospital with Aida on the bed in the hospital. A doctor gave her a blood IV. All Shin could do now was wait to get to the hospital.
Wes picked up both PETs and retrieved the navis. He then climbed out of the pit to leave, "Sorry, Capuchin, but I need to stop back at my residence. I don't think the hospital will take kindly to me walking around in water soaked clothes... We'll go there soon as I change quick and get information on Ambridge's status." As Wes began to wander off, he stopped and looked at Anthony, "I've got my eye on you but.... thanks, still." he then resumed his walk home.
Anthony was somewhat shocked at Wes's comment. "'I've got my eye on you" just does not make Anthony conferable... but shortly after Wes left... Anthony relised he had to get back to the Colosseum fast, as what happened took up some of the time he had to go get coffee... She he started to rush back to the Colosseum.