Leon walked to the park from the metroline, shielding his eyes as he stepped off into the morning sun. "Well, at least it isn't as bad as that day in Yoka. Damn that was hot..." Spotting an empty bench nearby, he walked over to it and sat down, jacking Celeste into a nearby port.

"Well, there you go, do your thing in the square, and let me know if you need me." He pulled an actual ocarina out of his pocket and a "Playing the Ocarina for Dummies" book out of the other. He opened to the first chapter and began reading, trying to figure out how to play the stupid thing so he could play alongside his navi sometime.
Leon became aware of a growing commotion coming from the PET. He looked down and began to watch the events that were happening between Celeste and some odd looking navi. At least he assumed it was a navi...

((I'm in your thread, recruiting your operator))

Shin ran to the park where he assumed Wes was, but he wasn't there, must've of gone off to Electown. The young teenager started to head back towards the metro, when he saw him...
"LEON!" Shin yelled, startling passerbys as he rushed towards the old Requiem member and stomped his foot on the ground next to him. Shin caught his breath, and righted himself.
"Would you like to rejoin Requiem?" Shin asked, bluntly, "if so, check the old board, and come back with me to Electown, after you've finished what you were doing that is."
"AND I'M OFF!" Shin yelled, running to Electown.
So Wes is reforming Requiem... I'm surprised, given the tragic fate that both Ayumi and Soulman met, and so soon too... Leon continued to assist Celeste and Frag in their battle against Mental. During the few lulls in the battle, the subject crept back into his mind.

Wait... there was that other Soulman that I ran into while making sure Illumina was functioning properly... I wonder if it's him? Too bad I forget the password to the boards after all these years... I really should've saved it on a battlechip or something... guess I'll just wing it, haha! As the battle with Mental drew to a close, Leon and Celeste expressed their gratitude to Frag and his operator, and Celeste gave Frag their e-mail so they could keep in touch.

"Well Celeste. It seems like we've got ourselves a little date... pretty yourself up, alright? Leon said, with a cold and serious tone.

"A date? I thought we were going to hang out here for a while?" she asked, not surprised in the least by the change of events.

"What can I say, lady destiny's an impatient bitch. Now let's not keep her waiting. That's one woman I'd rather not get on the bad side of..." Leon replied in cold, hard sarcasm.

"Of course, Leon. I should hope you know better than to get on a lady's bad side~"

Leon shook his head at the last comment. "By the way... call me Valience while we're there, alright? Better to be safe than sorry, ya know?"

Leon stood and walked hurriedly to the metroline, taking the first train to Electown. His excitement, nostalgia, anxiety, and memories of the old Requiem all rushed at him... the worst being the memories about Soulman, Ayumi, Wes... and the little family they had all come together to make.