Next Round of Training

Shin made his exit from the metro, and looked around at the more warm town of ACDC. Heh...finally here....I hope your ready Tekkai. Shin said as he began looking for a jack in port. Yes sir, I am ready for the next training session... Tekkai replied. After a little while of looking, Shin found himself in the park. He looked around until he found what he was looking for, the statue in the middle of the park, which had a jack in port to ACDC area. Alright Tekkai, lets get this thing started...

Jack In, Tekkai!
"So now that we're together, what can we do?" Akio asks to his PET.
"We fight, LIKE WE NEVER FOUGHT BEFORE DA-ZE!!!!!!!" His Navi, Claw.7705.EXE screams at him. "That's a bit of a rush don't you think? We don't have any preparations."
"How are we gonna figure out what we need unless we test out what we have,"
"That does sound like an unwise thing to do, but I have nothing against it"
'WELL THEN!!! See that Statue, it has an Arena port by it, which only one person is using, THE TIME FOR BATTLE IS NYE!!!!!" Claw instructs his operator.
" Right!" Akio responds, now influenced by Claw's words with enough willpower to start a sudden duel.
Akio then arrives at the opposite side of the park's arena, and inserts his jack plug into a corresponding port. "I apologize for the sudden arrival, but my Navi insisted that we have a duel"
"NAVI BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!" Claw screams as dissapears from the PET screen.
"There should be a train not too far from here! If we get there soon we'll make it"

Akio ditaches Claw from the network and rushes to catch the train to the collusium.
(To Collusium:real world,)