The sun was just setting, giving the little town of ACDC picturesgue shade of orange light. the air was perfect and the breeze was nice. All the houses looked happy, as happy as a house can look, and the trees appeared to be high spirits as well. From a distance, it was the perfect picture, the embodiment of small town living. Then the Metroline stopped.

Screeching to a halt at the ACDC station, the passengers of the metroline filed out and walked into the town. Out of all the passengers, one particulary stuck out like a sore thumb against the quaint backround of the town. That man was a Simon Glash, a 20-some year old from the city. His jacket was torn up, his hair was flithy, and his pants were covered in dirt. As the young man walked through ACDC toward a jack-in terminal, he took out his navi and spoke into it.

"Yo, Slither, wake up, we're here."

The navi inside the pet sprung to life. He had been recharging his energy for the past 8 hours.

"Say what now? Where are we?"

"ACDC town. Ya know, the small lil' town? We're here to do some virus bustin'"

"Wait wait wait. Let's back up for a second. YOU decided we'd go virus busting without asking ME?"

"That about sums it up"

"But... But... We haven't virus busted in a good 2 months. Why the hell did you decide we should now?"

"We were getting rusty! And it helps that a bunch of people kept bringing up virus busting down at the bar I go to all the time and I figured I should at least try it out for once, ya know?"

"Oh come on! Why don't I have a say in this".

"Because Slither," Simon looked at his PET and smiled "You would've said no."

With that, Simon Glash pulled the jack in cable off his PET and plugged it into the terminal sitting in front of them, sending his navi into the net.