The sun was shining. The wind had a nice peaceful push to it. The children were running around in joyful bliss, ignoring the hectics of life that would mould them as they grew up.

A small yellow, rusty bus found its way to a small bus stop outside ACDC Town. Unloading its passengers, a young adult stepped his way off of the bus.

"Well Guillotine, we're here." he spoke into his PET.

"Think he'll show up?" retorted a voice.

Looking around in vain, an anxious Brad turned back to his PET's display. "I hope he does. It's really important we do this. If we don't succeed, I won't get another chance to do this for 7 years..."

"I know, I know. But look on the bright side. If we fail, you'll be able to get several."

"Yeah, I guess. But it won't be the same. I need THAT one."

The voice inside the PET sighed. "Humans and their sentimental values. So, you ready to do this?"

Walking up to a Pay-Per-Use terminal, Brad unclipped his jack-in cord. "Why do I need to be ready? You're the one hitting the net."

"Yeah, but without me, you have to fend for your own ass."

"Okay mister wiseguy, get your butt to ACDC 2." With that, he took the jack-in cord and slipped it into the communications slot. A screen popped up on the flat-screen display, asking for user details.

"Name please."

"Bradley Vidler."

"Navi name?"


"Input check.........validated. Data consistency.........validated. Remote data connection established. Send navi when ready."

"Okay, let's do this." Punching both the button on the screen and the upload button on his PET, colours started to swirl. "Jack in! Guillotine.EXE, execute!"