The Coffee Shop

Vladimir left his shop, locking the door, to go on a walk to clear his mind. What happened to Ozho, why was his brother there, who is this Edgar? All questions he hopes will be answered soon. Upon his walk, he comes across a coffee shop. Nothing strange about the shop, besides the light being on when it is after hours with a man at sitting at one of the windows. The real strange thing is, the man's eye seems to be fixed on Vladimir. Curious, Vladimir entered the place.

It looked like a normal shop. Tables with chairs, a counter with a man, probly whoever was sopous to close up the shop, with the coffee makers behind it along with pastries. Then there was the man at the table. His head tilted down, forcing his hat to cover most of his face. His glasses are orange tinted, and at this angle you can not see his eyes. The man raises his hand as he speaks the words "Come over Vladimir, and have a seat" while his hand gestured him to come. Vladimir was shocked at the fact he knew his name. Ageist his better judgment, Vladimir went to the table and sat across the man. The man lifted his head his head, reveling his face. His face seems to suggest he has an age of around 16, maybe 18, he smiles, as he puts his hand out towards Vladimir and says "Ah, you don't know who I am. I'm Anthony, I tend to work more with your older brother, so that is how I know your name, incase you were wondering that." Vladimir reached forward and grabbed his had, but instead of shaking it, he tries to yank it towards him. Unfortunately, Anthony's hand slips out of the grip, and he bends over to the side and then picks up and put on the table a coffee pot and two cups. Anthony pours into one of the cups and hands it to Vladimir. Then he pours himself a cup and slips it. "You want information about a scrent navi, correct? If so, I can give it to you, for a price?"

Vladimir was shocked by that. This kid seems to know what he was wanting, but he did not trust him. He said he worked with his brother, and he just punched him in the face earlier that day. So he decided to test what all Anthony knows. "And which navi is this?" He asks. Anthony responses "Well, I could be your current navi Edgar, who you know nothing about. It could be you last navi, whose fate you know nothing of. It could be of Ozho, who is right now in the mercenary business. Take your pick." In a somewhat cocky tone. Vladimir, yet again shocked, goes "Well I will learn about all of that from someone when he gets done wi-" Anthony interrupts "-th his trip into Yumland. I know about that, but do you even know what trouble being around him might bring?" Vladimir got annoyed at his, Anthony just interrupted him. Anthony begins to speak again "Or better yet, do you even know who Edgar is? What Burden he has? And how poor of a chose of a net op you are for him?"

Vladimir was angred at that last comment, and shouts out at Anthony "How DARE you accuse me of that!" Anthony just paid no attention to Valdimir's outburst, as in the information business, it was common. "Your right, how dare I, when you are a cause of what happened to your last navi." Vladimir was sent to a greater angry, but before he could expresses it, Anthony begin to speak yet again. "That's right; you are part of the reason. You played that speech which broke his mind, you left him in battle, you are one of the causes of his final moments, and your brother is trying to put him back together. He left you this new navi because he thought you would be better suited for the burden, but I see he is dead wrong. How much attraction have you paid to him? Can you not guess who he is? Or are you just that naïve?" Anthony stands up. "You are incapable of helping Edgar with his burden. You should just stop trying to be like Alexander 7 years ago, you should just go back to your store and not bother yourself with this. Just give me Edgar and your chips as payment for the information I have given you, and let this whole ordeal be behind you!"

Vladimir mind was shocked at all of this, his angry flaring. He readied his hand to punch Anthony right in the face, but this changed when he said "Do you really want to net op the traitor of Sharo..." Vladimir was shocked, most what he saw of Edgar fit more and more. But something did not add up. The traitor was destroyed 6 years ago, so how could Edgar be him? "There is more to him then you know, and do you really want to risk the army coming after you..." Vladimir stopped, and put his chips on the table, along with his PET. He got up, and went to the door, and left, never to be seen again.

Anthony was not too happy about what he had to do, but it was for the best. He was forced to act the villain at that moment, and he was not to proud he had to break Vladimir's spirit. He pocked the chips, and looked at the PET screen, and saw Kuman, or at least his final moments. With a whisper, Anthony goes "You are now back into the protection of the Winnicot family" as he drinks more of his coffee.
Anthony gets up, and leaves the coffee shop. The worker sighs, as this means he can finaly close shop..... Anthony heads toward the metro line, to meet this Wes person.