CDCA Apartment #7

Orange = K
Brown = Alphonse.EXE
"Whew! Finally finished!"

A young teen in his martial art uniform sits down as he wipes his sweat off.

"Man! Moving all my stuffs by my self was harsh!"

In a blink of an eye, A hologram of a Net Navi appeared infront of K. Sitting and sipping on a oriental cup of teap, he smiled and gently clapped towards K.

"Haha, well done, K. Sorry for not being able to help, but I'm just a piece of*sips on the tea*"

K, gulping down with his bottle of water, replied furiously. "Stop being sacass Alphonse,--", "Sarcastic", "And set up the shortcut connection to the net".

Alphonse got up from his chair and adjusted both of his gauntlets. Taking a deep breath, he took a bow. "It will be done", then, Alphonse was transferred out of his PET.

K sat next to the window of his new apartment, showing the plain, yet peaceful view of ACDC town. Alphonse transfered back to his PET, calm as usual. He turned to see K, with the expression of concern. Alphonse slid his chair out and sat down, uploading his Novel files and teas. "I'm taking that your worried about something?"

K swifted his eye towards Alphonse, and quickly changed it to the window.

"Nothing...Nothings bothering me"

Alphonse looked at K with his glass slightly lowered. He sighed and closed his book and set it to the table, dispersing soon after. "I'm going for a little walk", "Go ahead...". And In a flash, Alphonse set foot into the net world again.
Alphonse was sent back to his PET, tired and restless from his previous battle. A Mr. PROG in a Black Tuxedo GMO came in front of Alphonse. The Mr. PROG had a typical mustache with a hovering pantry besides him. "PIERO MUST TEND TO MASTER ALPHONSE!!". Alphonse, sitting down on his favorite chair, laid down exhausted while keeping his manners about it. Turning his head towards the main Mr. PROG, Alphonse smiled gently and shook his hand to sign a "no", "Piero, you really mustn't over do.", "BUT MASTER ALPHONSE NEEDS TO RECOVER!!", "Yes yes, but the built in PET Restoration Program would come and take care of me.". A large screen appeared next to Alphonse, showing K's feed into the net. "You ok?", "I'm alright, I just need couple of minutes", "NO MASTER, YOU NEED AT LEAST A WEEK TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR WOUNDS!!". Both Alphonse and K stared straight at Piero with a icy stare, "...Why did you even create him.", "I'm asking the same question myself."

After couple of minutes, Alphonse stood up feeling rejuvenated, and walked toward the Netgate. "I'm off to the netsquare...We have to know more about the sunshine chip and those navis who were involved in this.", "Sounds good. OK!! Let's go to Ne--". With a screeching sound behind Alphonse, both looked behind to see Piero running around in circles. "MASTER ALPHONSE! MASTER ALPHONSE! I TOLD YOU TO STAY AND REST!!!". "... ... ...", "... ... ... Let's go". So, Alphonse stepped into the gate, sending him to Netsquare.

"What a day!!"

K slammed open the apartment door, going straight to his bed to lay down. [color=orange]"We got some money to burn from that littl' encounter we had with those rouge navis...", "ROGUE", "What ever...Anyways...what did you think that thing was??". Both Alphonse and K thought about it carefully. Sliding through their memories to re-visualize the occurrence. "I cannot say...I have no clue to what that thing was", "Bah! Screw it! More I think about it, more my head starts to hurt...".

A day passed...K got up, tired from yesterday's event. K looked inside the PET, staring at the big number of currency he gained from the battle. He smirked as if he had an evil intention and ran out of the apartment. This, of course, surprised Alphonse. Alphonse appeared on K's shoulder with the shocking expression he usually doesn't have. "K!! What in the world are you doing!!", "Let's go to Scilab! With all this money, we can finally get some good upgrades for you!!", Piero popped out in the very corner of the hologram, with steams and angry gestures, "I FORBID IT, MASTER K!! MASTER ALPHONSE NEEDS HIS REST!!!", "Screw you!"

To SciLab
K was walking down the street, finally taking the metro back to his apartment. Alphonse looked at K, smiling and happy, with curiosity. "So...What was the upgrade you've just purchased?", "The most expensive one!!", "Haha...What is it?", "...I...I forgot", "...Oh...Oh dear...", "NOT VERY INTELLIGENT, MASTER K", "What?! It's expensive, so it HAS to be good!!", "Yes yes. Just apply the upgrade on me so we can get along with our lives...". K shoved the upgrade into the PET angrily and tried his best to ignore everyone to hide his embarrassments. "Hoo? This is a Speed Upgrade...Quite the upgrade...", "Really?...Yea...Yea I remember buying that!"

"Lies" "LIAR"

"*Sweatdrops* ANYWAYS!! Let's try the new upgrade!! ALPHONSE.EXE PLUG IN!!"

"You should know how to confront your self..."

"Shut up"

To ACDC Area - 1
"WELCOME BACK, MASTER ALPHONSE!!". Piero, The PET's personal Mr. Data came up to Alphonse with a large smile. "OH DEAR, IT LOOKED LIKE YOU'VE HURT YOUR SELF AGAIN!!", "Just a scratch, nothing close to death.". Alphonse sat down and opened a PET browser front of him, showing him the list of E-Mails he received. "Oh?? Seems like the preparation for our Homepage is finished. I can finally establish the library I always wanted!", "Yea yea, lets go to buy the Upgrade alright?".

Before Alphonse moved away, he gently smiled at Piero. "Piero...Can you be a dear and move all of our stuff into the homepage??", Piero turned to see the piles of books and junks cramped into the corners of the PET room. With a giant sigh, he forced a smile and moved the file little by little.
K stood up from his computer and stretched his arms and legs. Releasing a deep sigh, K took the PET up and started to chat with Alphonse.

"Damn...That battle was long as hell!" "Still, we did profit a very rare chip in our hands." "What kinda chip is it?" "...I really have no clue, but the memory size of the chip is immence!"

Alphonse could see that K was simply excited from the new chip he gained.

"...You wanna use it?"

"Oh yea~"

"*sigh* Lemme rest for one day for goodness sake..."

To SciLab
Alphonse came back from the difficult battle between the mysterious traveler in Scilab. His clothes and body was bruised, tattered, and covered with fresh blood drips. The Homepage Mr.Prog "butler", Pietro, was shocked to his core by the sight of Alphonse and immediately ran towards him to tend him.


"*Sigh* Please calm down, Pietro. I'll be just fine. K's gone to Scilab to purchase an upgrade from the money we saved."

Alphonse laid down on his chair and closed his eyes to rest. But he immediately stood up and walked towards the Net Portal.


"Don't worry. I'll come back as soon as I can. I need to post a message onto something..."

As he said that, he disappeared instantly into the internet.
Today felt quite awkward for K. Ever since the encounter with the Cybeast, the mysterious group of Heelnavis, and especially the seeing the unknown yet cold hearted side of Alphonse. K, along with his pure optimisim, let out a sigh and let all of this bygone and walked along the peaceful town of ACDC.

"You don't look so well"

K turned his head to his shoulder find a holographic Alphonse sitting on his white chair, casually sipping down an orange tea. With his simle, K simply replied back.

"It's nothing much. Really, I really don't have nothing in my mind!"

Alphonse, with an expression saying "I saw through your cover", tried to cheer him up. "So then...How about going to the net for a while, I'm up for a mood to find a specific chip to go into our folder."


K took his PET out from his dirty belt and aimed it towards an electric pole standing besides him. "Alright! Alphonse, Plug in!"