Matthew awoke from a troubled sleep. As usual, he was sleeping behind a local chip shop, and he was lucky it had not rained the night before.

"Well, its another day, Firebird," he said to his navi, who was in his "home" inside Matthew's PET.

"Yeah," the navi said, "Are you gonna try to get some zenny today? Perhaps a better place to sleep?"

"Oh, get off it," Matthew walked around to the front of the shop, scowling at his PET. "I know I need to get a place to stay." He stopped walking and looked at the front door of the shop. "maybe getting on the net will take our minds off that."

"Maybe." Firebird shook his head, smiling in spite of himself. "And maybe we can get some zenny."

"Yeah." Matthew stepped inside the store and walked to the back, where a publicly accesible computer stood. "Now, to jack in, Firebird."