"The Fantastic Pair Re-emerge!"

The black helicopter landed fairly silently in the middle of the playground in ACDC. A newer version than the one that used to carry the young Belfast to his Netbattling locations, it no longer tended to make the commotion the former had upon touching down. Hal regretted that he had to leave it there, but he didn't stop to consider the consequences of doing so as he made sure it was thoroughly locked. With that, he began to stroll around the town.

"Heh... this city never changes," he commented, staring into the sky as he propped his shoulder against the wall of a nearby shop. "It makes me wonder... all of my old friends... it seems like I dropped contact with them so long ago. The only two I can remember are-" he began to comment, before turning and abruptly coming face to face with an obvious sign, announcing "SORYU'S CHIP STORE."

"M-my god... Soryu?!" Hal stood agasp, taking a few steps back and nearly tripping over his feet. "How long has it been... seven years? No, longer... I can't stop in and interrupt his workday like this, though... and now that I think about it, I wonder if..." he began, cutting his thought off as he considered the implications of the last time he'd encountered the Gosthe family. It was such a long time ago, though. Would it really matter now?

"All the same, it's business," Hal said, convincing himself half-heartedly as he straigtened his tie. "And, a guy like that would laugh I told him how long it had been since I last Netbattled... I've got to get into shape first." He found an electronic lit cutout of a familiar-looking Navi in front of the store: this would be a suitable jack-in point for now. He drew out his PET, facing his Navi with a grin. "What do you say? For old time's sake?"

"Prepared as you exist," Teethman replied with an enthusiastic nod. Hal grinned: though he looked different from his appearance at their first adventure, Teethman was proof that not everything that changed became something bad. Hal tightened his expression, fully prepared to perform what he felt to be the necessary routine for any Netbattling. "Okay! Teethman.EXE, jack in! Execute!" With that, he zipped out the cord for the PET and slammed it into the port, eager to start his Netbattling career anew.
"Well, not a bad start," Hal said, withdrawing the antiquitated cord of his PET from its jack-in slot and returning it to its resting place. "We're one step closer to restoring our presence in the Net world, eh buddy? And what's even better is that I already have a number of charity-type missions planned to get us back in the spotlight as the Defenders of Net-Justice and general posterboy right-doers of our generation! This will be our time to shine..." Hal stopped to yet out a large yawn. "Although, I have to admit it's getting pretty late for me... oh well. At least I'm in my formal attire: I'll be able to make a good impression on the hospital staff when I go to see that little girl, I guess. I should really get some publicity guys around for this type of thing..."

"I propose such... However would never that destroy amounts concerning the mystique belonging it?" Teethman replied with surprising profundity.

"Well... I guess so," Hal replied, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "It seems like a waste of a perfectly good photo opporunity though, eh?" he commented as he climbed into the helicopter.