Hanging out (Come in, Zero)

Kyle was hanging out 'round the park, sitting on a small bench. He looked around, because he needed company right now.

((Zero, this be's for you.))
((ZERO!!! Screw it, I'll PM you.))
Yaiba walked up and said, "Hey." He sat down and said, "You look like you could use some fn. How 'bout we bust on the net together? My name's Yaiba."
"Oh, hi!" Kyle said, taken by surprise. "I'm Kyle Pierson. Yeah, I'm bored to hell...you wanna bust some viruses or what?"
Yaiba said, "There's a jack in terminal right there, we can jack in there." He pointed over his shoulder at the machine. He took he PET, and pointing it at the recepter, said, "Teppouken! Transmit!"
Kyle smiled, and jacked in too, but manually.
"Bushidoman! Jack in!"