ACDC Grand Hotel: Room 307

Sighing as he slammed the door shut, Donell was thinking why he had to work with such incompetence on a daily basis. Figuring what the sigh was for, Stringer piped up, "I still don't think the workers are the problem."

"Oh shut up, Stringer!" barked Donell as he fell onto his couch. Pulling his PET out of his pocket at pointing it at the computer, Donell said, "Hey Stringer, go pick up the day's news for me."

"Yes, your majesty..." grumbled Stringer, transferring himself onto the net.
Stringer returned to his PET, and began patching up the scratches on his chest plate.

"Well Stringer, what was the story today?" questioned Donell.

"Oh, just some conspiracy plot gone awry again. Nothing too big," said Stringer sarcastically.

"Yeah, okay, whatever," replied Donell, already bored with the topic.
Donell was laying on the couch, grazing on a bag of chips, when Stringer piped up, "Hey, why don't you spend some of that money we got on a new chip or two?"

"Why would I want to do that?" questioned Donell in return.

"Because you know I won't leave you alone until you do," replied Stringer curtly.

Sighing, Donell got up, grabbed his PET and jacket, and walked out the door to the chip shop.
"Donell, we need to get some more zenny since we spent so much on those chips before. Virus busting's probably the quickest way." said Stringer, breaking the silence of a lazy Saturday morning.

Shrugging, Donell replied, "Meh, I guess we could try for a few minutes." Donell aimed the PET at his computer, sending Stringer into the ACDC net...
After arriving back in his PET, Stringer took off his helmet, revealing his vivid red hair matted down in an odd fashion because of his headgear. Stringer began slowly cleaning the mess on his helmet brought about by the virii he had fought.

"Hey Donell," began Stringer, "We've got a few chips now, but I still can't really take much of a hit. How about using some of the earnings for a bit of an endurance boost?"

"Nothing better to do, I guess," said Donell in a bored tone. Stringer put his helmet back on after cleaning it and laid himself down as Donell picked up the PET and walked out the door.
Donell was making a sandwich when a clicking sound began to go through the apartment. Speaking from the PET on the counter, Stringer asked, "What's that noise? I was trying to sleep..."

Donell shrugged, and the apartment's heater died a few seconds later with a loud groaning noise. After mumbling a few unsavory words under his breath, Donell grabbed the PET and pointed it at the computer, saying, "Go call someone to fix that."

Sighing, Stringer headed out to the ACDC net.