Emma rose from her bed with a long stretch, spreading her arms above her head and yawning. The sunlight that came in through the large window high above her head in the fairly enormous bedroom lit the space, so the entire room had a warm and comfortable glow. Emma smiled: she could tell her first day Netbattling with PassionMan was going to be a great one.

After getting dressed, washing up, and doing the other things necessary to prepare, Emma hurried to her PET, nearly tumbling over herself as she lifted the pink device from the cushion it was seated on. She tapped the screen, eager to wake up the Navi inside. "Oh, Passion... it's me," she said, looking at the Navi inside as he casually rubbed sleep from a half-closed eyelid. "Did you sleep well? Do you need anything before we head out?"

"Hmmm...." PassionMan thought, not really giving her attention much special response. "I slept all right, I guess. I normally do... unless I have a bad dream or something," he responded with a laugh. "So, we're heading out virus busting today, eh? Are we going to meet any other Navis? I want to so badly..." Really, for the past few days, all PassionMan had wanted to do was see another Navi's face; Emma's parents had decreed, however, that the first three days should be their bonding time. PassionMan had enjoyed the time he had spent with Emma, and could tell they'd make a great team; for now, though, he had a fire in him that had no vent or outlet.

Emma huffed up, looking back at her Navi and acting predictably. "What's wrong with just spending a day with me, Passion?" she inquired pointedly.

"N-nothing, of course..." PassionMan replied sheepishly. He'd find somebody to give his love to today... who would it be?

In any case, Emma wandered over to her computer, with its background displaying a wallpaper of a romantic bishounen anime. She scrolled through the files overflowing the screen until reaching the .APP for her webspace. "All right, I think we can jack in from here... Have a fun time, Pashy," she said affectionately.

"What? You're coming too to operate, right?" he responded, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh... yeah, of course," she said, letting out a sigh.