The Unfortunate Duo

Night. Rain falls from the sky as Kieron walks through the streets without an umbrella. He was figure of tragic, of despair, of hatred. His hair being the only thing that covered his face, even if it was still soft and clean. But his eyes were red. Demon-like. He wasn't human anymore.

Born into a family whose mother was a complete psychotic prostitute caring only for money, Kieron was forced to participate in pedophilia films, raping other young children who were sold as slaves. All because the woman cared for money. It was only by a miraculous twist of fate that he managed to run away thanks to the Officials who raided the warehouse and didn't notice him escaping the scene. His mother was in jail as we speak of this tragic tale. But now, he's forced to live in a life in the darkness. his only friend was Darkness.

Now, he had nothing to do except to get food from the vending machines. And what better way but to hack and get them for free? He took out the PET that was blood stained and jacked into a vending machine selling food and drinks. Revenge knew the usual routine, and was ready to carry out his mission.
Revenge.exe returned to the PET bringing back success as well as a little bit of money. Then, the vending machine made a small ch-chack... CLING sound as a small ccup of instant ramen popped out. Kieron took the dropped cup of noodles and went away as soon as possible. Back to where he lived to at least make a fire, boil water and eat the food.

"thanks..." Kieron said silently to Revenge. Maybe there would be hope for this young boy after all.
Kieron trudged through the town's streets. Money was a problem for him, together with food. He had to find a way to earn some cash to support himself. An idea struck him. Perhaps, virus busting. Maybe he might be able to get some zennies for this.

The pink squirrel statue in the center of ACDC park had a jack-in port. Taking out the PET, He plugged the cable in and sent Revenge back into the net of ACDC.