"Get him before he gets away!"

"Now do your ultamet attack!!"

"And she saves the world yet again!!!"

<...are you done yet...> AniMay said from her PET stand several hours after she had finished re-charging.

"One more show. I just can't get enough of cyber-six." said a slightly tubby male said from infront of the tv,"She's just unbelivable, such style, such grace..."

<such a tight leather outfit you mean...> She shot back, a small tick growing in the courner of her eye,<you are such a perv. Why do you even care about her, she's not even real...>

Genso rolled his eyes at the obvious flaw with the statment, "alright, lets go to the event in net square...", he said picking up her stand and plugging in the PET.

<Finally, you really don't know how to treat a lady...>his female navi shot back as she was loaded onto the net square...