We who are about to die...

Aelieth covered his eyes as he climbed the stairs out of the Metro, the sun momentarily blinding him after spending the past half hour downstairs trying to settle his nerves. This was his first attempt at Net Battling in years, and his first ever with a Navi that wasn't one of the archaic loaners issued to students without PETs. After his vision had adjusted, he began wandering towards the entrance, taking in the sights and sounds of the Arena.

"All of these people... are they here to watch the fights?" he wondered to himself, a jab of anxiety flaring up in his gut.

He eventually made his way near the entrance, a poster promoting the ONB Tournament catching his eye. He decided to wait out here for some of his fellow participants to show up, in part because he had no idea where he was supposed to go to wait for his match and figured they might, but mostly because his anxiety was starting to border panic.
((Ah well. Maybe some socializing later...))

A sudden influx of people alerted Aelieth, who had just managed to regain control of himself, that the main event was beginning to start.

"Well, here we go..." he muttered to himself, following the crowd into the lobby.